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Jun 5, 2012 09:35 AM

Need advice on cannoli filling for layer cake

I am planning to make a layer cake with cannoli filling. I've found many recipes for cannoli filling but wonder how they would work for a layer cake -- would the filling be firm enough or should I do something different to it? Any thoughts/experience?

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  1. What kind of cannoli filling? Ricotta or chocolate or...

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    1. re: pinehurst

      Ricotta. Like a traditional cannoli, maybe with some mini chocolate chips.

    2. If available in your area look for Impastata, it is a drier, firmer version of ricotta than what you usually find in the grocery store...

      1. Okay--if you usually use cream in the cannoli filling, I would reduce that amount, and absolutely use the dry ricotta that KSlink mentioned. If not, let the conventional ricotta drain drain drain...put it in a colander with a clean tea towel on top, put a dish on top of that and weight it down to press all the moisture out. I would also consider using shaved chocolate instead of the mini chips, which even mini size might (might???) be distracting in the filling. Just my two cents. Should work really well. I've used the chocolate cannoli filling in cassata and it works well.