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Jun 5, 2012 09:30 AM

Vancouver 4 night schedule

Have culled through many posts here. We have 4 nights in August and decided on:


Am I off anywhere? Any recent info I'm missing that would change my mind?

Lunch thoughts, depending on where we are:

Meat & Bread
Edible Canada
Pasta Lupino or Araxi in Whistler

What do you think?

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  1. Sounds perfect. Might want to fit Peaceful in for lunch, depending on where you are, but overall looks like a great sample of Vancouver fare.

    As for ordering, August will be prime fruit and veggie season for local fare, but is usually an off month for beef as their feed is not prime quality at this time. Morel, fiddle head, sea asparagus and spot prawn seasons will also be over by then, but Lobster season (from the maritimes) should still be swinging.

    Good luck and let us know how it all went when you're done.

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    1. re: Jzone

      Hey thanks, Jzone. What a nice recap of the seasonal food!

    2. If you're out and about in the evenings (Fri-Sun), you can also check out the lively atmosphere at either one of the two Chinese night markets, in Richmond:
      (and its Chinatown sibling):

      If you go, plan additional time for parking if you're driving. If you go to the RNM (2nd link), you can take the Canada Line rapid transit and get off at the Bridgeport Station in TRichmond. Either way, allow some spare room in your tummies to accommodate the treats you'll eat there. Not quite Andrew Zimmern's realm of exotic eats there, so even if you're conservative in eating you'll be fine ;-)

      1. Looks good. Stick to the original M&B as the new one has only one small and very uncomfortable table indoors. Go before noon or expect a lineup.

          1. skip yew (boring) and edible (unimpressive). neither are worth it, nor the price.
            cioppinos, l'abbattoir and vij's are fantastic.

            i'd also try some chinese since youre here.
            hawksworth is great too. blue water is good as well.

            also, perhaps get some food you can hold, and walk around the west denman side of downtown and stanley park. like some poutine.