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Jun 5, 2012 09:04 AM

Brewin around? or other coffee shops Bitter lake?

I'll be staying around bitter lake (135th ave and Aurora). I was looking for a good place for my morning java- there is a Brewin Around near by. is it any good, or is there a better place to go?

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  1. I like the Bridge Coffeehouse. They serve Stumptown. You would probably have to drive there. It's on a church property on Haller Lake. A serene spot. Lots of parking.

    1. Going south on Aurora I'll usually hit up Boardroom Cafe (Aurora & 84th, also Stumptown) or heading south on Greenwood I like Neptune (Greenwood & 85th). When I get lazy I go to Diva Espresso which is decent and a few minutes by car (Greenwood &145th). Parking's a bit of a pain by Neptune, though. If all else fails there's a drive-thru Starbucks on 130th & Aurora.

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      1. re: roolala

        +1 Neptune.
        Makeda. Cute neighborhood coffee shop - on a side street. Good coffees from Seven Roasters.
        If you're staying at Bitter Lake, you'll want to explore the Greenwood neighborhood. If driving Greenwood Ave is too congested, 3rd Ave is usually faster. Or take the #5 bus.

        1. re: val ann c

          I just had a double espresso at Makeda and it was really the best I have had lately. mrs Forkit had a nonfat latte' and it was very good as well. That Seven Roasters is the real thing.

          1. re: forkit

            I'll third that. We switch back and forth between Neptune and Makeda, but I think Makeda has significantly better coffee but neptune does pour over...

            1. re: dagoose

              I thinks we'll have to try both Neptune and Makeda:)

          2. re: val ann c

            I second Makeda which has wonderful coffee.

            1. re: forkit

              just returned, had a great time. tried a few shops.Out absolute favorite and possible highlight of entire trip was Makada. It is what a coffee shop should be. cute, unpretentious appearance. extremely ward, friendly servers (and not just one- of the 4 that helps us, on was nicer than the next ) and most important- a exquisitely drawn shot of espresso. (wife loved the latte art also. we ended up here daily. we also tried Diva was a cute shop with a decent pull of espresso. very disappointed in Neptune though. - I though the decor was underwhelming, the server was unfriendly and the espresso was a little thin and acidic. In fact we didn't even drink it- by unanimous vote, went to Makeda.