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Jun 5, 2012 08:59 AM

Prepared refried beans

Can anyone recommend a canned, etc refried bean? Please no admonsihments about making my own. I am single and when I have the craving, I just want some with no hassle.

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  1. I like the vegetarian, low sodium ones, then add butter, maybe a bit of green chilies or chipotle. I forgot the brand name.

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    1. re: wyogal

      Yup to the flavorings, and I also like to soften them with some added liquid. Makes a good burrito filling, especially if you also stir in some whole beans for texture.

      1. re: wyogal

        I prefer the vegetarian ones also. They taste better and the brand I get here is Rosarita's. I rarely add more to them except cheese, though.

      2. La Preferida makes a decent product, I usually get their organic refried black beans...and yes, I add more sauteed garlic & onions to it, along with peppers as others have advised.

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        1. re: Val

          I like their black beans too.

          1. re: libgirl2

            good to know, libgirl2...thanks...will check out their black beans too!

        2. Kuner's brand refried black beans are always in my pantry, I think they're terrific...seasoned with lime and jalapeƱo, good flavor. I sometimes doctor them, but find it's not necessary. Great quick lunch fixings to have on hand.

          1. La Costena. Look for the cans that are "Product of Mexico". This is what the can looks like:


            I really dislike Rosarita.

            1. I think the Amy's organic ones taste decent.

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                Agreed on Amy's Vegetarian - the Traditional style are delicious.