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Jun 5, 2012 08:55 AM

salad lunch around Pike market?

I'm looking for a good place to go for lunch with my wife and 2 boys around Pike Place market. The problem is we don't eat much meat (so unfortunately salumi and matt's are out.). my wife would enjoy a big lunch salad, with maybe salmon on it (no shrimp or shell fish) and one boy eats a lot (salmon, fish & chips, etc) the other-not so much, but too bad for him.

also, one thread spoke of a good coffee place around there. any thought ?


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  1. Check out the menu for Steelhead Diner. Lots of veg and fish options, fine for families, neat space, and good. A reservation might not be a bad idea.

    Another option is BOKA in the Hotel 1000. It's on 1st about 5 blocks down from the Market, and it doesn't have the neat Market ambiance or view that Steelhead does, but it has lots of salads, fish, etc, and is quite good. It's very popular among office workers so again, a reservation is a good idea.

    A casual option is Cherry St Coffee House (multiple locations though one is close to the Market). They do great fresh salads and sandwiches

    1. Best coffee near the market is at Seattle Coffee Works on Pike east of 1st Ave. It's not the best in the city, but the coffee-centered options in the market proper (Starbucks, Seattle's Best) are tragic by comparison. The only places in the market where I'll get coffee are Le Panier (an excellent french bakery) and the Crumpet Shop (crumpets and scones - not the american versions - are excellent and they have the best tea in the city) but usually when I'm visiting those places for their primary functions.

      1. Seatown could work for you. They have a Caesar or Chef's salad with salmon and plenty of other stuff for you and the boys. It is right near the market.