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Jun 5, 2012 08:51 AM

name that lipid!

I've been curious about a flavor that's in a lot of SF's deep fried goods. I've never tasted it in a restaurant, but you sometimes get it in doughnuts, and it's overpowering in the deep fried piroshki you find in delis. It's certainly in Paramount Piroshki's products. Anyone know what type of oil it is? I haven't ruled out rancid oil, but it doesn't exactly smell like the rancid smell you get in old canola bottles or most packaged foods gone bad.

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  1. Go around to the back of the store before trash day.

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      I called up a doughnut shop whose doughnuts had the flavor a few days ago. The woman didn't know at first, and then I told her to ask someone else because I had allergies. She returned to the phone and told me they use, "cooking oil." Glad to know they stopped using elbow grease ...

      I called Paramount Piroshki. I haven't had their product in about two years, but they said they currently use soybean oil.

      Cooks Illustrated said something about soybean oil taking on a metallic character when it hits high temperatures. I'm not sure that's how I'd describe what I'm tasting, but I'll think about it next time.