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Jun 5, 2012 08:37 AM

Anybody remember the Inglenook in Swarthmore?

If so, can you recommend a similar place in lower Delco to take my elderly mother for her birthday when I visit her in a couple of weeks? If you remember the Inglenook, you’ll know the formula: Reliable, unpretentious, non-threatening American food. Charming ambience. Sedate. No booze (not a requirement, but it helped set the tone). Lots of old people and families. No guys wearing caps. Boringboringboring ... but nice.

Will resort to the Concordville Inn or Towne House if necessary, but just wondered if there’s someplace I don’t know about or have failed to recall.

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  1. I remember the place (but I bet much of the clientele does not). I was a child and seriously thought I stepped into a retirement home. I can think of nothing quite like it that's around these days off the top of my head sans the experience I had when dining with my grandmother who was in a nursing home last year. Probably Concordville would be a good bet or Dilworthtown for slightly better food.

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      I remember my parents taking us there with my Grandparents. You might as well as have been in the lobby of Fair Acres Nursing Home. I don't remember much about the food - except for the rolls. They had an amazing basket of assorted dinner rolls, especially the sweet ones!!

      The only other places like it that I can think of were the Country Crier and the Country House Inn. It has been a long, long time since I have been to either of them and they both may be long gone. But the times i was in them, the average age of the clientele was probably 80 and Fair Acres used to run a shuttle bus to the Country House.

    2. If willing to make the drive to Chesco, how about the Duling-Kurtz House? The queen of long-standing sedate, reliable and countrified non-adventurous American fare (with a few daring specials once in a blue-haired moon) will fill the bill. Brunch on a sunny June Sunday morning would be my pick over dinner.