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Jun 5, 2012 08:17 AM

Good For Familes/Large Group in Corolla OBX

We will be in Corolla in a couple of weeks and while we will be doing some cooking, we're looking for a couple of places where we can head out for the occasional breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We are a group of nine (with a few small children) so "finer dining" places are probably out.

Also, is there a good seafood market nearby?


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  1. Bluewater Seafood is in the Currituck Club and has great fresh seafood. As for restos, Mike Dianna's Grill Room is probably your best bet for large group dining. You might try Route 12 or the Fin and Claw as well...just be sure to call ahead first...they are all in TimBuckII Shopping Village. You can visit to find info. on Corolla restaurants.

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      Thanks for those recs

      I have also been looking around on the web and found these places. Do you know if any of them are any good?

      Bad Bean Taqueria
      Corolla Pizza
      Corolla Village BBQ
      Fatcrabs BBQ
      Pigmans BBQ (in Kill Devil Hills, but someone I know mentioned it)
      Dockside North Seafood Market