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Jun 5, 2012 07:36 AM

What's Up with Local Strawberries?

Any word on this year's crop, when the U-Picks will be ready? I saw some promo for the Mattituck festival (which we haven't gone to in years - I can buy Driscoll's at Waldbaums), and it got me wondering.

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  1. Not sure where in New York you are, but we drove out the North Fork of Long Island last weekend and all the U-Picks were open. We picked up a quart for $5- not as sweet as they could be, and a bit watery. Still, local beats imported any day of the week!

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    1. re: Chris VR

      I'm in Huntington, Long Island. Thought it might still be a bit early.

      1. re: sbp

        I think normally you'd be right, but this warm weather is pushing harvest dates forward. The U-Picks out East had a lot of people but not as many as you'd normally see when the season is in full swing. I think most people in the area associate strawberry season with mid-June.

        1. re: Chris VR

          Strangely, this was answered in this thread:

          short answer: they're out. Golden Earthworm Farm (Jamesport) started pick-your-own on Memorial Day weekend, and I just got a quart in my CSA share. Also picked up a quarter of locals from the Garden City Farmer's Market.

          As Chris and others have said, they're a bit watery right now, presumably because of all the rain the plants have been soaking up. My own plants have been producing for the last week or so--sweeter then the ones in the local markets--I think because I have them partly sheltered.

          1. re: Scott_R

            "They're out" as in they are sold out/picked out?

            1. re: sbp

              That would be a heckuva statement to make, covering all of Long Island as it would. I'd have thought "they're gone" would be generally what is used to indicate that sentiment... plus I spoke in the present tense about buying some (the GC Farmer's market is always on Tuesdays).

              1. re: Scott_R

                Actually, I think "they're done" would be generally what is used to indicate that set of circumstances.

                1. re: frank113

                  "They're done"? Were they being cooked?

                  1. re: Scott_R

                    If you ever get the chance ask a farmer or a backyard gardener what they say when a crop's harvest time frame has passed. "No. No more ramps. They're done for the year" or something very much like that will be the response much more often than not.

              2. re: sbp

                No, they're available all over the North Fork when I was there a couple of days ago.

                1. re: MacTAC

                  Just took a ride all the way out, and every farm stand is basically strawberries and asparagus. Not much else yet.

                  1. re: coll

                    Patty's Berries, my favorite for the early strawberry variety, also had Sugar Snap Peas a few days ago. The weekend before, I was out at Latham's in Orient and they had a new (to me at least) turnip, very small, white and sweet.

                    I'm likely heading out again in a couple of days for strawberries, rhubarb and? The forecasted rain might throw in a wrinkle, though...

                    1. re: MacTAC

                      Oh I did see peas at one or two places, didn't notice rhubarb though. Everything is so early this year, I heard there might be corn by the end of June.

      2. I am "Facebook friends" with my local farm, Hand Melon Farm, in Greenwich NY, which has pick your own strawberries ready now. They started picking on Friday, 6/1 and say they will be peaking this coming weekend. I am planning to pick and make jam on Sunday. Price is $2/lb.

        1. saw them at farm market last week

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          1. re: jwg

            Picked up some CT strawberries yesterday at Stews, and they were lovely this a.m.

          2. I just found this berry chart from Patty's Berries in Mattituck

            Fairway in Plainview had local strawberries for sale this week. They were small and very juicy but not as sweet as I like.

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            1. re: EM23

              Really? I almost never see local berries in a supermarket, even at Fairway. I know they were advertising strawberries on sale, but they were California.

              1. re: sbp

                Really! They had them last year as well. They were in the lobby area.
                And I mentioned this to a friend last night and she said her hubs had picked up local strawberries at Whole Foods (in Jericho) on Saturday.

                1. re: sbp

                  SBP - an update. I was at Fairway tonight and they didn't have any local strawberries. I asked one of the regular produce workers and he said he expected a delivery tomorrow and that they usually have them for the weekend. He said it is good call ahead to find out if they have them.

                  1. re: EM23

                    Thanks. I'm OK paying more for local - and I suppose a lot of people are. I wish the supermarkets understood that.

              2. On their website, Wickham's in Cutchogue says that they are picking strawberries. We are going out on Tuesday for a farm stand round up. Can't wait!