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Jun 5, 2012 06:39 AM

Appetizers and Lite Bites in Downtown NOLA

We will be in New Orleans this weekend and are hoping to try some exciting, new restaurants this trip. Friday night, we plan to visit several restaurants for appetizers and make a dinner out of that before seeing a concert in the Quarter. We are staying in the CBD and are open to anything in the Warehouse Dist., CBD, Quarter, or Marigny/Bywater. We'll be too casually dressed for Galatoire's, August, or anywhere requiring a jacket, and we've been to Luke, Domenica, Rambla, and the Green Goddess. Are there any suggestions for restaurants where we can stop in for an appetizer and creative cocktail or nice glass of wine? We're looking for somewhere more upscale with really great food, just nothing too fancy.

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  1. Sylvain on Chartres Street would be perfect for this.

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      Thanks! Sylvain looks perfect - especially love that there is a courtyard. How is the food at Three Muses, and is Meauxbar a place where we could do apps only?

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        Yes, you can do apps at Meauxbar, We were there Friday evening. While not knock out the food is dependably good in a nice setting. There are also the bars at Antoines and Arnauds for food/drink. The bar at Bombay Club is good and they have pretty good bar food.

        All have nice atmosphere

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          Too hot for courtyard dining.

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            I highly recommend Three Muses. Place is crowded, thus you have to get there early, especially on Friday. No reservations. Happy hour until 7pm. Appetizers $4 each. Excellent value. Music is great. Loud.

        2. We had a simply outstanding dinner at GW Fins last Fri. We split 5 appetizers plus the Scalibut (entree). Everything perfectly executed and delicious. The cold smoked grilled oysters put all other dry, overcooked char grilled to shame. These are succulently plump with a lovely smokiness.
          Try the Nola Fizz.
          No jackets, but collared shirts for men.