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Jun 5, 2012 06:34 AM

Food Trucks -- two more promising options

I've posted several times here that I think the vast majority of the D.C. food trucks are, alas, not worth the $$. Those that are decent tend to charge much more than comparable trucks in NYC. (The Jose Andres Pepe truck is a prime example -- very good sandwiches, but they cost as much or more than if you got them at Jaleo itself; they should be considerably less, but I'm sure they're charging what the market will bear . . . . Salt River Lobster, too.) In the past I've touted Sang on Wheels as an exception -- very good value for often-excellent, nongeneric food (albeit somewhat unpredictable).

I've happened upon two other trucks in recent days that show great promise, at least based on a single visit -- ChefDriven, which although not cheap is putting out excellent food -- actually worth what they charge -- and, believe it or not (I didn't, but it's for real) . . . The "Spicy Pig" was really good, and very generous, and only $6. If you're not too embarrassed to be seen standing in line, check it out.

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  1. ChefDriven is my favorite, a good bunch of guys and I love the Steak Frites for $14- Softshell crabs were good too, I look forward to seeing their fried oyster tacos on the menu again so I can sample them.

    1. A very good turkey meatloaf banh mi today reminded me that the Floridano truck also offers at least two very worthwhile options -- that and the roast pork/mango sandwich.

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      1. re: Marty L.

        Really? I tried Floridano twice (quite a long time ago) and was disappointed both times.

        Far East Taco Grill is my favorite so far.

      2. Chef Driven cuisine is great! I had their panini the other day and it was excellent. Seriously chock full of flavor. And everyone that works there is super nice.

        My other favorite is La Ficelle. Their sandwiches are DELICIOUS! You feel like you are eating on the streets of Paris. The bread is very fresh. And Jose chooses great ingredients to pull all the sandwiches together. I have yet to try a Ficelle sandwich that wasn't 100% spot on.

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        1. re: Elyssa

          Chef Driven is my current favorite - More expensive, but worth it - Steak Frites is delicious, and their butternut soup was on of the best I've had!

        2. One more promising option: Fasika Ethiopian. Very good.

          (I also second Rolling Ficelle as noted above.)

          1. There is also a new food truck called Tokyo in the City. They are doing sushi/Korean fusion and it's delicious. Everything is served in bento boxes.