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vinsetta garage (Royal Oak, DTW)



i do foresee some name confusion with the lackluster Vinsetta grill that sits cross-corner.


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  1. Hmm. That does, indeed, sound promising. Here's hoping for a continuation of great food *and* extended kitchen hours. Seriously: it's time for Redcoat Tavern to feel the heat of some local competition! ;)

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    1. re: boagman

      Plus, Red Coat is like a 5 out of 10, 6 if you're feeling generous. At least as far as burgers go.

      1. re: jrrtubbs

        Really? I find them to be better than that. I'd say 7 out of 10, and when you add the wonderful onion rings, things get even better than that.

        1. re: boagman

          I agree with boag here.

          Give me the Zip Sauce and the incinerated onions on that burger, and I'm a happy puppy.

    2. Kind of sad they changed the exterior so much, that place has been a photo backdrop in every car magazine in print because of the vintage appearance. Out front there used to be some old gas pumps (not functional for years) and they have been replaced with electric car chargers!

      But totally looking forward to it opening and BTW it's in beautiful Berkley, not RO.

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      1. re: coney with everything

        Vinsetta Garage opens at 4pm TODAY, per their FB page.

        1. re: ak994

          and it's been reviewed/featured just about everywhere. It will be nuts

          I wonder if it will cause the Crispelli's crowds to lessen; that place has been packed just about every night since they opened.

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            Hi Cw/E, Have the wait times inside Crispelli's been bad? I've only been twice, and while the parking lot has appeared scary crowded, the wait time inside was not bad. Maybe I just haven't been there when they were really at peak.

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              I've only been in to buy bread (good!) but the parking lot crowdedness has been intimidating...will have to walk there, I think.

      2. Thanks for the heads up, I missed the hype but was searching Dover/New Phil Ohio (think I'm out of luck there) and read about the opening, went by. Fabulous in every way. Affordable and all the delicious ingredient options anyone could possibly desire to create all elements of burgers, pizzas, pasta with balls and sauce, even mac and cheese. sides and variety of main dishes, cutting edge but classic comfort desserts. And it is a coca-cola house.
        I went with chief's house Vinsetta burger, it is the platonic ideal and the best I've had since getting an apartment in the area a year and a half ago. Subtle house sauce, yum. The mac&cheese was food therapy with a crusty top a la creme brulee.
        Convivial,service pleasant and efficient. A community table, (wistfull memories of Legal Seafood in Lynn Square, Boston!) Balanced elements of old; garage clock, handwash sink,key safe, stickered cabinet, etc and new; spotless stainless steel open kitchen/full bar, stone pizza oven, substantial furniture, service items clever but not too cute. Beams browns and olives, glowing orange lamps, votives, flat screens and just enough great music.
        All on Michigan route 1, Woodward Avenue, the dream cruise heaven, it doesn't get any better than this; well thought out new revival Detroit.

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          Wow, what a wonderfully written review! Thanks for this. Hope to get there soon as we can ride our bikes there. Hope to see more your comments!

        2. I was there on Opening Night Thursday after 10PM, and the only clear thing is that I'm going to give them another shot. They were pretty much spent at that point. They were out of multiple items, the day had been a constant slam on everybody (though spirits were still good!), and it was just too early to properly judge. I like the decor, and if you like draught beer, it looks like you'll be happy here.

          The only thing I'll say that surprised me a bit in a bad way about the place was the pricing of the burger I had. I had the Vinsetta burger (8 oz. patty [usually two 4 oz. patties, but such was the night], Woodshop bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, and "Vinsetta sauce" on the side), which was $10.95. Now, normally, that only includes chips, but tonight, they were out of chips, so they upgraded me to fries at no charge, but that'd normally be another two bucks! My Coke was $3. Do the math: as it was, my total bill (with tax and tip) came to $17.50! That a lot for a burger and a drink, at least to me it is! That bill would be no fewer than three bucks cheaper up the street at Redcoat, and possibly four!

          There were some other food issues which can be directly related to Opening Day jitters, or at the very least, Ultra-Slammed Opening Day jitters, and I'm willing to overlook those for the time being. Staff was great to speak to, other patrons were fun to be around, and I still had a good time. Still, if I'm going to raise an eyebrow at Clubhouse BFDs prices, I've got to raise *both* of them, here.

          I have to say this, though: the physical place itself? Fantastic. Staff looks to be really good, too.

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          1. re: boagman

            Man, you guys are brave, trying to deal with the first few days of this zoo-ish opening.

            1. re: VTB

              Well, to be fair, I went after 10PM to (the thought was, anyway...) avoid the nuttiness. The problem? The nuttiness had already taken its toll.

              Still: I really like what they've done with the place. If they can be as good/affordable as the Woodshop, they'll get high marks from me. Time will tell.

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                Ok, fair to say it is a bit higher price, certainly than fast food, and although I am not extremely wealthy I know as you do that one may have to pay a bit more in exchange for the total effortlessness of being served and the effect of the time spent in a given environment; tea at the Townsend or dinner at Forest Grill will be way more expensive and a splurge might or might not be satisfying. This meal struck me as being reasonable all things considered and I ended up with fries, too; good point that it was our trade off for the first night. I guess for me the angus beef and freshness--everything made from scratch--made it worth it. Having researched my new home state on this site and elsewhere on the net, I know Redcoat is a local favorite. (Love the soldier at the entrance - it fulfilled my fantasy that I might find trappers and Canadians and English soldiers wandering around!) I am a pretty serious cook. When I eat out I usually want something as good as or better than what I would make at home. I kept wondering what they would do with brunch. I certainly will have to try Union Woodshop...

                1. re: Szakacs

                  You'll like Woodshop...same owners as Vinsetta Garage. If you go, call ahead and see if they'll put you on the seating list. Don't be afraid of their BBQ. Good stuff, Maynard.

          2. i tried to go yesterday. 1.5 hr wait for two on a weekday. so i left. guess i'll try again some other time.

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              1. re: prcentauri

                Drove by it last night on my way to Westborn and they were lined up...at least it was a beautiful evening to be outside!

                1. re: prcentauri

                  You never can predict, I guess. I was quoted 1 1/2 hours and decided to stay because I had a newspaper and reasoned I would NEVER get in if I came back on a later day, but it turned out to be a shorter wait than that; about 1/2 hour.

                  1. re: Szakacs

                    > I was quoted 1 1/2 hours ... a shorter wait than that; about 1/2 hour.

                    Good grief. What time was it when they quoted you a 1.5 hour wait?

                    1. re: rainsux

                      It was at about 7:45, but I had the time that night...

                  2. re: prcentauri

                    If you don't want to wait I'd go around 10:30ish. Kitchen closes at 11:00. I thought the decor was amazing. One of the coolest places I've been in.

                  3. We went on Friday night...the first of our party of five got there about 5:00 and the rest of us about 5:15...no wait at that time and we were seated at a table that would hold about 12-14...we had one end and another group had the other. It was in a quieter room in the back.
                    There was a wait on our drinks and we were fine with that as the conversation was good. I liked that they had a specialty cocktail menu..two of us ordered from that...I had a Hendrick's, with soda and cucumber...really refreshing...my friend had a martini that was very sweet...sorry I can't remember it but she loved it..the other three just had beer and vodka drinks.
                    We ordered our food...one person had the chopped salad only it was really just torn romaine but she enjoyed it, another had a burger with swiss and grilled pineapple with fries....she loved that and another had the "noodles and balls"....it was steaming hot with meatballs the size of pool balls....he said it was great. We waited a really long time for the food and the waitress came twice to apologize. When the food finally came out she said the pizza that two of us had ordered....mine the margherita and his the meatball was just behind and would be right back. The others were waiting and we told them to please eat...it took ten minutes for the meatball pizza to come out and another five for mine. The others in the party had basically finished eating. We did not complain as they were still so new. Once my pizza came the server said she had made the manager aware of what happened and they had already taken care of the pizza and would give our group a couple of desserts. (It seems that the pizza oven area and the kitchen still haven't worked out the kinks.) We all felt this was really nice as again we didn't say anything, but they were paying attention even though it was packed in there.
                    I left at 7:30 as I had a grad party to attend but the dessert still hadn't arrived.
                    We heard as we were sitting there was a two hour wait. It was a beautiful night...the kind where you don't mind standing around waiting. Although they don't have the approval to serve drinks out on the patio yet, so that's dry for now. I'm sure things will get worked out as the summer goes on.
                    I had a hard time finding something I wanted to order, however it could have just been an off night for me and that could have happened anywhere. I will go back and it was a very cool setting. Although I don't thing the european table style of eating is for everyone. One woman was escorted back to the room we were in, which was quiet compared to the main room, and complained that she had waited for an hour and did not want to sit at the other end of the table she wanted a table for four only. Oh well!
                    Things will calm down soon enough. I also read that they are one of two in the running to turn an old fire station in Fenton into a restaurant. Good luck to them! I think they have a way with turning old buildings into a great place to meet and have fun.

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                    1. re: grouper

                      I thought they'd have more barbecue/smoked meats on the menu. Still looking forward to a visit, though!

                      1. re: coney with everything

                        Agreed! There was a wonderful smoked smell as I walked to the place, but didn't really see much on the menu.

                        1. re: grouper

                          I think they're trying to distance every place they do from the others which IMO is a good thing.

                          I haven't been there, I love the place and I love the idea but it really seems pricey. Im a burger lover but I kinda balk at 10+ dollars for a burger. Then on top of that adding 2 dollars for fries. I'm sure Ill go, but I probably wont go a lot because of the prices. I understand paying up for quality, I have no problems with that, but sometimes you have to prove to me why something is as expensive it is so I can justify it.

                          They did end up getting the firehouse in Fenton too. I however fear that it will be another fairly expensive place. Im sure it will be excellent though , as all their restaurants are. I kinda wish Arbor Brewing would have gotten it though, for purely selfish reasons lol. Id rather have a really good brewery closer to me as I already have 3 restaurants from this group relatively close to where Im at.

                    2. Went here for the second time ever today (first time was very late on opening night, when I just found it to be pretty good, but nothing all that great). Today made a better impression on me.

                      I went here with four other guys (one was from out of town, and we all decided to grab lunch together), and this was the place that was chosen. I was a bit underwhelmed by the choice, being that I think that VG is relatively expensive for what they offer, but it was hardly a problem for me to go here.

                      The menu's definitely changed since I first went, and I was pretty sure that I was going to have myself a burger. Looking at the menu, though, and taking into account the rather high prices for a burger served only with chips (about $12), I figured that for $2-3 more, I could get an entree with a side item, and believe it or not: the half chicken was looking the most promising, along with a serving of their potato salad ($16).

                      I know, I know...I'm not sure that I could have chosen a more boring-sounding entree, but I assure you: I couldn't have been happier with what I had. It was, indeed, chicken, but it was absolutely wonderful chicken. Wonderfully brined with the associated saltiness, and perfectly juicy with very good skin. The mustard seed gravy that it was served with was functional, but hardly necessary...the bird itself was just plenty good. I haven't had roasted chicken that good in quite some time. Worth every penny.

                      Finished the meal off with some Rock 'n' Rye ice cream, which was pretty good, but I was hoping for a bit more from it in terms of "blow me away". It was good, but it didn't exactly knock me over. I wouldn't pay for it again, I don't think, but it was good enough to try once.

                      Service was decent, but not great...my water glass went empty several times, and I had to get it filled once by getting up and going to the bar. Still, she did say that the chicken was very good when I asked about it, and my entree took the longest to bring out, but was worth it.

                      Still expensive, but there's definitely something on that menu that I consider worth the cash.

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                      1. re: boagman

                        I live a couple miles away from there and I'v been there maybe 4-5 times with the last time being in April. Its expensive and the food is not all that in there. I don't know but it seems like the quality has gone down since I first went there. I've had the burger, Mac and Cheese, and Pizza. The pizza is ok, the burger is very tasty and the mac and cheese is a lot of hype. I wish they offered some of the smoked food offerings as the woodshop.

                        1. re: boagman

                          Not a VG comment, but just thought I'd put this here ....
                          Regarding boring chicken .... I order the half chicken all the time at Root. And it is pretty great chicken ... about $16.
                          And regarding Woodshop .... I was there Thursday and Friday.
                          No wait at all Thursday, and Friday, prime time, a 20 minute wait for a table for 5. Just providing some info, not sure if this is a trend.

                          1. re: Markcron

                            Just checked the menu at Root, and you're mistaken about the price. The half chicken is $22, which is a pretty penny more. Is it still worth it?

                            I am shocked (SHOCKED!) at the lack of wait times at Woodshop. That's pretty great...or you were just plain lucky. ;)

                            1. re: boagman

                              I was also shocked at Woodshop. Lucky maybe one day, but two days in a row?

                              I'm sure you are correct about Root Chicken pricing. I was probably thinking of the meatloaf at $16, which is a better deal IMO then the chicken at $22. But the chicken is really good. I usually only eat half of the half chicken, and have the rest for lunch the next day, but don't take that as meaning the portion is large, it really isn't.