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Jun 5, 2012 06:14 AM


What have you found to be the best match for Abalone?

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  1. Depends on the preparation ( spice, herbs, cooking, ... ) ?

    1. Depending on the preparation...and the type of abalone. If you are using dried abalone and braising it in a rich sauce then I would go for something like a New Zealand pinot noir. If you are using fresh abalone and cooking it quickly and topping it with a lighter sauce I would go with something effervescent but crisp - not very sweet, like an Argentinian sparkling chardonnay.

      1. Depends on how you prepare it, but fresh abalone, simply cooked evokes a lot of the same flavor profiles as chicken (at least to me).

        If you want to highlight the food, I would stay away from wines that evoke very vivid fruits/tropical fruits (e.g. New Zealand sauvignon blancs, california pinot noirs). Also, stay away from very heavily oaked or tannic wines. I'd say a French rose, sancerre, white burgandies or champagne (or california sparkling made in a champagne style).

        If you want to highlight the wine, the only thing to avoid is very heavy, tannic reds (for example shiraz or cabernets or malbecs) as there is probably not enough fat for the tannins.

        1. I am with the others - it depends greatly on the prep, and one the abalone.

          For fresh, and light prep, then I would probably go with a sparkler, or perhaps a Chablis (Chard).

          Let us know a bit more, please,


          1. I'm thinking something like pouilly fume.