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Jun 5, 2012 05:22 AM

Steak delivery?

My boyfriend is stuck working very late on his birthday and I'd like to have a steak dinner delivered to his office. Can anyone think of a restaurant that would do this? It doesn't have to be an actual steakhouse, but I do want it to be a quality meal - likely upwards of $50.


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    1. re: ParkerQ

      Right, that's important. It's downtown, Wellington and John area.

      1. re: piccola

        it is pretty close to Jacobs and Co. Depending on the night of the week you may be able to convince them to do it. If not them maybe Crush. Again rather close.

        1. re: piccola

          I'd order from Marben or Le Select and hire a bike courier to deliver it.

          1. re: piccola

            On you can order online and they deliver here are some steak options that they have:

            TREVOR KITCHEN & BAR
            SURF & TURF, wellington county filet of beef with shrimp & truffled goat cheese poutine $42.00

            JOE MAMAS

            NY Strip $28.95

            Steak N' Shrimp $33.95

            Chile Rubbed Ribeye $32.95

            Jim Beam Beef Tenderloin $38.95

            Deviled Steak $28.95

            1. re: ParkerQ

              Neither place is really known to have good food. You'd be better off cooking it yourself and delivering it over ordering from Joe Mamas. Anything but fit for a foodie or a birthday IMO.

              1. re: ParkerQ

                Do not, under any circumstances order a steak from By the time it arrives, it will be completely inedible - and especially from those two places.

          2. barbarian's did it for a friend of mine who was in the hospital.

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            1. re: ingloriouseater

              Good to know! I'll call them - they were one of my first choices.

            2. If you ask a restaurant nicely, most will rpepare a meal for take out. Then, what my SO and I have been known to do, is order a taxi to pick up the food. You have to pay for the food ahead of time, and then pay the taxi when it arrives. A little extra effort and cost, but the best way to get your food in a decent amount of time, fresh from the restaurant. Some restaurants will even send the cab for you. If you explain nicely, I'm sure they will help you out. I'd recommend Jacobs & Co, and/or perhaps Splendido.

              1. Maybe you could dress up as a delivery person......