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Jun 5, 2012 04:30 AM

Please help a mom flying into Detroit

I'm flying into Detroit soon, with my two small children in tow. Originally, a friend who has family there was picking us up at the airport, before we drive together into Indiana to visit friends. Now my friend can't go, so it will be just me and my kids. I have never been to Detroit. When we arrive, I will need to get lunch for my kids as soon as we pick up the rental car. What is the area near the airport like? Are there places to eat? Safe for a mom and two kids by themselves? Or will we have to drive a bit before finding food? Thanks so much.

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  1. Fast food on Middlebelt Road, east of the car rental lots,

    1. The area immediately around the airport is not dangerous, but it's industrial, and as I recall there are no restaurants in the car rental lot area, to which you'll be going in a van. When you get your car, you should be on or just west of Middlebelt (ask for a map). Go north on Middlebelt, crossing under I-94, and get on I-94 westbound. Go one exit, exit on Merriman, and go north. There are motels and a few restaurants there, although it's surprising how few given the size of the airport. On the right is a decent pizzeria called Leonardo's where the kids should be fine. If you want to sample the area's best cuisine, Middle Eastern, try the Beirut restaurant that is on the left at that same spot. There's also a Subway. Also, if you go right on the service road just after exiting on Merriman, there's a Bob Evans there and maybe one or two other places.

      1. Many of the rental company signs will direct you out the east side of the airport, to Middlebelt Road:

        - Turn left/north on Middlebelt to get to I-94, McDonald's & Checkers:
        - Turn right/south to go to Wendy's:

        The main road in:out of the airport itself (to the terminals) is Merriman Road. You can snake
        thru the airport to get to the North exit of the airport to Merriman. Just on the
        north side of I-94 are quite a few restaurants.

        - Bob Evans:
        - Big Boy:
        - Subway:
        - McDonalds:

        1. Perfect! Thank you for all the quick replies. We might try the Beirut place. We are foodies and raising our children to be foodies. Haha! They are accustomed to different types of foods, but if all else fails, it's good to know we can pick up a sandwich too.

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            7650 Merriman Rd., Romulus, MI. Swordfish sometimes on the menu. Presumably your car will have GPS.

          2. If you have a car I would drive the few extra minutes to Canton. Decent Indian food, good Japanese, and good Thai.