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French Laundry advice on cancellation.

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We are a party of 5 and booked a reservation for the French Laundry 2 months in advance. With one month to go before our reservation, the 5th member of our party cancelled on us! We are trying to find a replacement because the cancellation clause states that any reduction in party size may result in forfeiture of your reservation. However, it also states that a cancellation of only 3 days or less is $100 per person. What should we do? We don't want to lose the reservation and we are having a hard time finding just one person to come with us. Please help!

Thank you.

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  1. Why don't you contact the restaurant and find out if there are any consequences for your situation before you come here for info, which is mostly speculation?

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      I wish it was that easy with the French Laundry. I have called many times, but the number is always busy. I have an email into them, but have not received a reply. If you read other posts, you'll see it is nearly impossible to contact them. I simply thought someone might have had a similar experience and could offer advice.

      1. re: archanom

        I'm very surprised you haven't received a reply from an email; I have always found them to be very responsive once the interview has been set...

        1. re: CarrieWas218

          Nothing yet. A friend told me they are very responsive to snail mail.