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Jun 4, 2012 08:48 PM

Shelter Island and Montauk

Hi all,

I'll be in E. Hampton this weekend and would like to try to make detours to Shelter Island (never been) and Montauk (drove once to the lighthouse and back). I have a bridal shower that will probably take all of Sunday but will be free to wander around all the forks from Thurs. nite - Sat.

Looking for dinner suggestions Thurs. nite on Shelter Island. I'm guessing I'll be in that part of Long Island hopefully by 3 or 4 pm so it will give me time to hop the ferry and explore on foot. Any interesting places that focus on fish or seafood? Or casual spots with interesting views? What about reservation policies? Will it be easy to dine as a walk-in on a Thursday night? Looking to have dinner around 7:30ish or so. I'm also concerned about timing and making the last ferry back to the Hamptons.

Also looking for a nice breakfast or lunch place in Sag Harbor on Friday or Saturday. I've been to the Hotel in the village for brunch and am looking for something similar. Cute, historic, charming or quaint?

And good seafood shacks in Montauk?

Thank u!

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  1. For Thursday dinner on Shelter Island, suggest 18 Bay, excellent restaurant, lots of seafood, really focused on local local local. It never hurts to make a reservation. You'll need a car though, because it's not that close to the South Ferry... Actually, there's nothing close to the South Ferry, the boat that will bring you from Sag Harbor.

    And here's ferry schedule:

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      If you can get ahold of a bike and the weather's nice, I see a lot of bike riders over on Shelter Island. Sort of hilly though, so you'd have to be in shape. Last ferry back is around 1AM.

      For breakfast by Sag Harbor, Estia's can't be beat! Right outside town, going south towards Bridgehampton.

      PS I have a bunch of round trip ferry tickets that I'm not going to use in the near future, if anyone wants just email me.

      More seafood shacks than you can shake a stick at in Montauk, are you looking for something in particular? Lobster rolls, fried food, fresh fish?

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        Hey coll, seafood shacks for fresh fish in Montauk or near to it (something to stop at on the way there is fine)... Any ideas? Thanks

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          Here are my favorites: in Montauk, Duryea's, behind the railroad station, the view is spectacular and it's a real "shack".....St Peters Catch in town by the ballfield, no view but the owner Gene is a great guy and aims to please....on the stretch coming into town, you have Lobster Roll and the Clam Shack, across from each other, both have a wide variety of seafood choices; Lobster Roll has a full bar and Clam Shack wine and beer...speaking of alcohol, Cyrils is just past them, has a decent seafood menu and a wild bar scene....a bit out of town in Montauk, up Westlake Drive, Hideaway is in a marina and has great food, although it is Mexican mostly, and Westlake Clam and Chowder next door is top notch, also in a marina and they do great sushi. Both of the last two are also full bar service, and you can watch the dayboats coming in. Get it while you can, Montauk is changing a bit lately and the old laid back atmosphere is changing to some extent. These will all be closed after Columbus day, hope you're coming before then!

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            This weekend - my first time to Montauk. I live in and visit coastal areas of the US often so I am very familiar with the seafood market/shack operation. But I understand the Lobster and fish are exceptionally fresh and hyperlocal in Montauk. So I plan on going to at least one. I've been researching pretty thoroughly and everything you mentioned was on my radar. Do you think any of them are "don't miss"?

            I may have to checkout Cyrils now by the way. I was going to bypass it.

            1. re: chowhounder411

              Foodwise, Cyrils might be the bottom of the list, but it's one of those places that you should check out just to say you were there. Stop for drinks on the way into town to warm up. I'm going to say Westlake has some pretty darn good fish for a seafood meal in general, including the sushi, but for lobster roll platter I'd go to Duryea, the view of the water is one of the best in town. Also Montauk calamari is sort of famous, if you run across any.

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                I just remembered my girlfriend likes buttered lobster rolls best. Any of them do those?

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                  Since you seem to know the seafood scene well, I am also looking for good seafood restaurants. The wrinkle is we are travelling with a 9 month old. Which places are relatively baby-friendly (i.e. relatively quick service, casual etc) as well as good? Is Gosmans any good?

                  There will be a kitchenette where we are staying, so any suggestions for seafood markets also appreciated?

                  Also, any suggestions for good breakfast places (to eat in or take out)?

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                    Gosman's is hit or miss, although they'd be good with a baby. Montauk used to be known as a family friendly place and no one most places will make a fuss (unless the baby does). I always recommend Ricks Crabby Cowboy Cafe for children though, it's nothing too fancy but the food is better than average, you can get lobster, steak and other non-fast food items quickly, and is very child friendly.

                    Seafood market, I would recommend St Peters Catch or Duryeas in Montauk, or if you want to drive back up the stretch, Amagansett Seafood in the IGA shopping center is top of the line. Remember it's sort of off season already so most are only open weekends til they close Columbus Day.

                    Bird on the Roof is my favorite breakfast place, their omelettes are world class, and they are famous for their fresh squeezed orange juice.

      2. The Hampton Jitney is running a ferry service from Sag Harbor to Greenport. I think it's $20 r/t. Greenport has some great places to eat and you won't need a res. It's a very walkable town.

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          Hi, I was just in Montauk for the week. The only place I saw that had the buttery lobster rolls (which is 'Connecticut style' so rare in NY) is at Dave's Grill. It's a gourmet version of it... Lobster chunks poached in butter on a brioche bun. Truly decadent. A bit pricey but we found that Dave's Grill had some of the most truly gourmet food around, also great cocktails and a harbor vibe but with white tablecloths...
          One warning, many places are closed on certain days (usually mid-week) and and Duryeas is BYOB and cash only.
          Our week there we did:
          The Coast--excellent
          Dave's Grill--see above
          The Inlet--excellent, loved the sushi and the steak
          Cyril's--good, didn't live up to hyper I heard (and why was the lobster roll spicy? that was wierd)
          I know I am forgetting some place, oh well!
          Bird on a Roof for great french toast and frittattas
          Johns for pancakes

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            Cyril has another restaurant in Antigua or St Martins (I forget) and he and his chef travel seasonally between the two. His food always has a Caribbean flair.

            Montauk after Labor Day, very rare for the seasonal places to be open Monday, Tuesday or Weds; very often closed Thursday too. After Columbus Day the entire town shuts down to a large extent, except for four or five local places...i.e. not high end. But you can still get food or drink every day if you want to venture out in the off season.