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Jun 4, 2012 08:32 PM

Five Dinners in DC [Staying Downtown]

Hi all,
I will be in DC next weekend from Friday night through Wednesday afternoon. Staying at the Hyatt on New Jersey Ave. I'll be spending days at the Walter E Washington Convention Center, and am trying to sort out my dinners. The first night, Friday, I'm all on my own (which is GREAT... means I don't want to waste my solo meal since there will be no cowtowing). I was considering a number of places, but I'll get to that at the end. At least one night I'll be with another adventurous eater, so I'm more inclined to go somewhere more expensive, for having someone to share the experience. The other few nights I will be with a less adventurous, sometimes finicky companion. She doesn't do sushi or things she doesn't know. I love her, and find her abominably frustrating at the same time. So, what I'm seeking:
1. Some suggestions for outstanding fish and/or sushi (pricey and less)
2. Some suggestions for casual, easy, light
3. Places for salads
4. Places that accommodate allergies
5. Places near/between/in walking distance from the Hyatt and the Convention Center - won't have car, and willing to take transportation, but would like some places close in case we're tired
6. Good markets -- sometimes I like to picnic a meal :)

What I've found or been suggested:
Hank's Oyster Bar
Palena - the cafe
Wanted to try very badly but don't think these will work with companions:
Rogue 24

If I can provide any more info, let me know! And if you come to LA... I'm happy to throw in suggestions :) Thanks in advance, and promise to report back!

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  1. Rogue 24 is a must.

    I would also consider Komi and/or Rasika.

    I like Vace, an Italian Deli, for a slice of pizza and some quirky Italian soda pops.

    I like Sushi Taro better than Kushi. Just a personal preference. Kushi has a bit too much "Katsu-ya" vibe to it. Both are good, however.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      if i can hit Rogue 24, i will, but it ain't lookin' good...

    2. Sundevich for really great sandwiches - very close to the Convention Center. There's only a few tables inside, so be prepared for a possible impromptu picnic. ;-)

      1. 1. Some suggestions for outstanding fish and/or sushi (pricey and less)- Kushi, Zentan, Sushi Kaz, Sushi Taro, Sushi Ko for fish: DC Coast, Pearl Dive, Blacksalt, Proof, Corduroy
        2. Some suggestions for casual, easy, light- Hank's, Palena Cafe might fit this too, Nando's, ShopHouse (asian Chipotle), Ardeo might fit this, Cava, depending on what you consider casual other places might fit too
        3. Places for salads- Chop't, Sweetgreen, Busboys and Poets, Clydes is very general purpose, but has some decent salads, Le Pain Quotiden, Nando's
        4. Places that accommodate allergies- Cava, Zaytinya, Jaleo, Blacksalt, Dino- with advance notice: Bibiana, CityZen, Corduroy, Proof (probably DC Coast and Ceiba)
        5. Places near/between/in walking distance from the Hyatt and the Convention Center - won't have car, and willing to take transportation, but would like some places close in case we're tired- Brasserie Beck, Againn, Nando's, Kushi, PS7, Oya, Matchbox, Zaytinya, Ceiba, Jaleo
        6. Good markets -- sometimes I like to picnic a meal :) Eastern Market, Dupont Market, White House Market, Penn Quarter Market,

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        1. re: ktmoomau

          Nicely done
          Would add Michael Isabella's Graffiato ( Italian) and Jose Andres Jaleo (tapas) and Zaytynia ( middle eastern small plates) ,Jeff Tunk's Acadiana (Cajun) are all fun interesting restaurants near the convention center.

          1. re: ktmoomau

            phenomenally helpful. thank you for taking the time!

            narrowing the list, and going to bring these to the potential dining partners:
            Sushi Kaz
            DC Coast
            Ceiba (i love ceviche)
            Palena Cafe

            likely going to have to save Rogue 24, PS7 and WD-50 for next time... along with a long list of others...
            Thanks so much... will report.

            Looking forward to exploring the markets too.

            1. re: Emme

              I agree with: Zentan, Againn, Azytinya, and Oya.
              Would sub Ceiba with Oyamel

              Zentan is great to go to for an appetizer (singapore slaw!), then grab drinks on the hotel roof with a great view of the city.

              1. re: discojing

                trip is over and done. see report below. thanks...

          2. I'd do the following...

            Palena Cafe
            Bar Pilar
            All easy by metro

            by foot

            I think WD-50 is in NYC

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            1. re: wineo1957

              it soooooo is! i am sooo tired these days. ayayay! my chow card should possibly be put on probation.

              1. re: Emme

                Ha, I got all excited that one was opening here. :)

            2. Salads - Sweetgreen. There's one at 15th and P, not a far walk from the convention center (there are others around town, there might be a closer one but I personally don't know)
              Casual, Easy, Light - Dino in Cleveland Park, the Standard (BBQ) and Rosemary's Thyme (Mediterranean) are both places I love to sit outside at (get to the Standard early, though)
              Markets - U Street farmers market at 14th and U is every Saturday from 9-1 I believe; Dupont on Sundays from 9-2, maybe? Eastern Market on Sundays is great fun.

              I would recommend Birch and Barley (though, there's no reservations next weekend, it appears - maybe a weeknight will be more flexible). And if you can get a table at Rasika, do that. There are two now, so it might be easier to get a table at either of them (or just go sit at the bar). It's really delicious.

              If you're here for the Fancy Food show, plan to make reservations for most nights as thousands of foodies are here.

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              1. re: Jeserf

                thanks :)
                and yep FF is where i'm headed... that's why i wanted to make sure i covered my bases... can only hope a significant number of the attendees have palate fatigue after the barrage of samples.