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Jun 4, 2012 08:24 PM

Two new Indian vegetarian restaurants

I'm neither a vegetarian nor Indian but of all the cuisines I've experienced I think Southern Indian vegetarian is my favorite so I'm excited about two new restaurants.

The people from Shiv Sagar have already opened a place just called Sagar. It's on Hillcroft, just across from Shri Balaji Bhavan and only a couple of blocks from SS. I think this is the space formerly occupied by Bismillah?

"Mumbai style street food" should mean things like the things Bansuri Indian Food truck, which I love.

Coming soon in the near future is Maharajah Bhog, on the SW Fwy @ Gessner. This is the same strip center with Peking Cuisine with which many hounds will be familiar.

This one is technically a chain, I guess, but there are only 3 other locations in the world, 2 in Mumbai and one in Dubai and this one, which just happens to be within walking distance of my place, so I'm really looking forward to trying it out. My experiences with Sankalp in Sugar Land last year indicated that 'chain restaurant' in India may not necessarily be an indicator of mediocrity or 'lowest common denominator' food. Looks like the menu is largely Gujurati and Rajasthani.

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  1. Thanks for the info! Will definitely keep these on my radar. If you like Indian veg food, have you tried Bhojan? I think it is one of the best Indian vegetarian restaurants I have been to. The food is Gujarati though, not South Indian.

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      Oh, yes, been going to Bhojan for years, but I think it went down hill after the older woman who was the hostess left. There definitely has been a change in service and I think recipes. Still good (and I still always over eat).

      I guess I shouldn't have said 'Southern' Indian as Gujurat is considered Western India. My mistake.

    2. Maharaja Bhog opened late last week. I checked it out picking up a meal box to go for $10. It was all pretty good; my favorite item was one of the appetizers, an Indian version of baked potato skins; I've never seen that before. One curry with potatoes was as hot as any curry I've had at any Indian restaurant so they haven't dumbed down the spices; unfortunately it was also incredibly oily. A salad included was chopped tomatoes, onions and cilantro and could have been served as pico de gallo at the taqueria that occupied the space before. Portions were perhaps a little skimpy for the price but you do get every element of a typical Indian meal including pickle and even a little packet of mukhwas. Most surprising was the very modest portion of rice.

      The daily lunch thali is $14.99, the evening thali is $16.99. I didn't ask about weekend prices or beverages. It's all you can eat but this is not a buffet; I didn't see anyone get served their first rounds but I assume the thali's come out from the kitchen loaded. Refills at the one table that was occupied were family style. The thali's consist of 8 katoris, a saucer and space for the rotis so you won't leave hungry.

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