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Jun 4, 2012 06:45 PM

Pizzeria Ortica has Improved

My wife, daughter and I went to Pizzeria Ortica Sunday night before the excellent play, Jitney, at SCR. We have been to the restaurant 4 or 5 times before. My wife didn't like it the last few times she went. My wife made a face when I told her we were going to try it again last Night, but she changed her opinion last night. My wife thought her vegetable appetizer and her chicken were outstanding and decided she wanted to return once again in the future. My Daughter's pizza was delicious and I kept eating her pizza crust scraps. I think the overall quality of their food has gotten better in the last few months. Maybe the fact that they had to change Chefs is the answer.

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  1. Have gone to Ortica over a dozen times in the past 2-3 years. It has gotten better but part of it may also be that you're now liking the pizzas and their soft crust and not trying to judge it by crispy crust standards.

    The pizzas have always been good by Neapolitan pie standards. Some days, I prefer the soft, flavorful chewy crust over the crispy crust at Mozza.

    I highly recommend the pizza al Norma and the Margherita with spicy salame added If you haven't already tried it. My only complaint is that they don't do seasonal pizzas like they do at Mozza.

    1. Went back to Ortica last night. Got the lamb and white bean bruschetta, spinach tagliatelle with bolognese, pappardelle with lamb ragu, margherita pizza with spicy salame added, and al norma pizza. All excellent.

      The pappardelle is one of the best pasta dishes around. As good as any of my favorites at O.Mozza. The pizza crust was perfect. Soft and wet in the middle from the fresh mozzarella and chewy and charred around the edges. Wonderful stuff.

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        @Porthos...Good to hear Ortica's pizza is still excellent...havent been in quite awhile...thanks for the reminder

      2. Disappointing first visit to Ortica. No a/c on a 99 degree day at that price point? Salumi was excellent. Pappardelle with lamb ragu was good except for the found bone. Sea bass was ok, a little dry and the "pesto" really didn't work. Never got to try the pizza because our order was MIA. At least, it didn't show up on the bill. Mozza has no concerns regarding their budino and the Tiramisu was ok.