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Jun 4, 2012 06:40 PM

Pie Pie Me Oh My!

I am wondering if anyone knows a good place in San Diego to get great pies, more specifically lemon meringue pie, but I'll accept any pie-related advice!

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    1. It's not exactly a lemon meringue pie, but Extraordinary Desserts sometimes has this "thing" that looks and tastes an awful lot like lemom meringue pie that fell apart when it was cut and they tried to hide all the faults with a little whipped cream. Not very attractive to look at but tastes really good.

      1. Has anyone tried Towne Bakery in Del Mar Highlands yet?

        1. Tender Greens has a dessert special each evening. It's not always pie but when it is it's excellent. They occasionally feature a individual lemon pie (whipped topping not meringue) that is especially good.

          1. As far as pies, haven't really had a great lemon meringue pie in SD. Cheap pies you can find at Chicken Pie Shop. Popular pies you can find at local stores from Julian like the Farmer's Outlet and you can find them frozen if you want to make them later. It's not cheap, but Julian pie's are cheaper at Farmer's Outlet than Albertson's. Hope that helps.