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Pick 4 for me....Having trouble.

Im pretty fimilar with the Las Vegas dining scene.
But this time Im having trouble deciding.
Below are the restaurants I havent been to yet....Need 4 great meals.

La Cirque
Comme Ca
Pinot Brasserie



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  1. I've been to all in one location or another except Stratta. One, I find chefs and particularly Las Vegas chefs turnover very frequent, so it just depends on when you go. But with that said...the best food would be Scarpetta (polenta, spaghetti, short rib gnocchi), CUT (sliders, gougeres, wagyu steaks), and Le Cirque. I wasn't a fan of Le Cirque, so I would fast on the third night.

      1. I'd go to Le Cirque, CUT, and Scarpetta and try to find a 4th place.

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          I think you should do Guy Savoy, Twist, E by Jose andres, and Joel Robuchon.... In that order!

        2. Highly recommend Le Cirque; I've dined there 4 times, and have always had fantastice dinners. I dined at Scarpetta in mid-March, and found it to be "okay"; I did love the foie gras and duck ravioli. I've dined twice at CUT; loved it the first time when I had the Japanese kobe ribeye; last year I was very underwhelmed by the New Zealand wagyu for the same price as the Japanese kobe. You should also consider Sage at the Aria; it "blew" Joel Robuchon out of the water in comparison for a fraction of the price. Sage is much more casual than Robuchon.

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          1. OK. La Cirque is in for sure.

            1. OK. Le Cirque booked.
              Whats else? Hmmmmmm.

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                Raku for something different but make sure to make reservations.

              2. BTW: Whats average cost for two at Le Cirque?

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                  Le Cirque has different price points for their menus. They offer a Degustation menu for $135 per person; a pre-theatre menu for $72 per person; and an "a la carte" menu with most first courses priced at $31 and most main courses priced at $52. You should check the Bellagio website for the menus at Le Cirque.

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                    My bad. I didnt see pricing last time I checked. Thanks for the reply though !