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Jun 4, 2012 06:00 PM

Vienna - Wachau Valley on a Sunday

Hi all!

I will be arriving in Vienna this Thursday afternoon. I have formed a Vienna restaurant itinerary based upon all of Sturmi's rec's (seriously just write a guide book man!) but am finding it troublesome to do the same for the Wachau valley.

The weather is best friday, but we have tickets to the Musikverein at 8:15, so I dont think we can tour the Melk abbey and then bicycle from Melk to Krems whilst taking a luxurious lunch at Jamek and still have time to make it to the concert without feeling crazy rushed and probably missing dinner. The weather is decent on Sunday, but it looks like everything is closed =(

Could you guys recommend some Heuriger's / vineyards that will be open on Sunday? Nothing super expensive, hopefully with outside seating. Maybe dinner in Krems? Is Alte Post open Sunday? Does the train back to Vienna run later in the evening?

And just for fun, comments and suggestions are appreciated on the Vienna portion:

Thursday night dinner: Phönixhof

Friday Lunch: we are touring Schonbrunn in the morning, and will want to eat before going to the cemetary, something quick and cheap, but good, cafe-ish, ideally outside seating.

Friday Dinner: Rudi's Beisl before Musikverein. Will we need reservations at 6?

Saturday Lunch: Trzesniewski or Zum Schwarzen Kameel

Saturday Dinner: Zum Finsteren Stern after Belvedere. I know its not right by, but I want to try some "new viennese cuisine" that is still reasonable in price and quality.

Sunday: Wachau Valley

Monday Lunch: Nashmarkt

Early monday Dinner: we are leaving at 6pm on an overnight train to Sarajevo... any good food for a quick dinner next to the train station?

Thanks so much everyone!

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  1. Milord,
    There is an easy way to get the opening hours of all the heurigen:
    Just click at "Krems" in the list of districts on the left and you will get all the heurigen which are open in the district of Krems, including their opening hours.

    And yes, Alte Post in Krems is open sundays, 7 a.m. till midnight...

    The train from Krems to Vienna leaves every hour at 1 to 3 minutes past the full hour. The last rain from Krems to Vienna leaves at 9:03 p.m. from Krems train station.

    Schönbrunn has two open air cafes in the park area and more in the zoo area. Might be crowded if the weather is fine.

    For Rudis Beisl I definitely would get a reservation. Usually Rudi is heavily booked.

    Trzesniewski is a now-frills canapees buffet, Zum Schwarzen Kamel is a high-end traitteur. Both are quite crowded, but a lot of fun, on saturdays...

    Monday lunch on Naschmarkt: What kind of food do you prefer ? We like the Vietnamese Pho places By Chi and Pho Saigon. For Viennese food try "Zur eisernen Zeit" for an authentic proletarian beisl...

    Monday dinner: where do you enter the train, at Meidling or at Westbahnhof ? If you leave from Westbahnhof, there are quite a lot of choices, especially the chinese dim sum restaurants Tsing Tao, Happy Buddha and Lucky Buddha:

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    1. re: Sturmi

      Sturmi thanks for the quick reply!

      I will definitely use that Heurigen locator! thanks!

      Are there any places for lunch along the way to Krems from Melk open sunday that you particularly recommend? I.e. Jamek looked like a perfect spot but is unfortunately closed.

      I enjoy all types of cuisine, although the delicious looking falafel that tasty trix has posted about looks particularly appealing.

      Re: Monday Dinner, I live in San Francisco, so not too interested in Asian food while in Vienna unless it is particularly good. We will be departing from Westbahnhof station.

      I have also decided to eat at Gasthaus Sperl for lunch before going to the Belvedere.

      Finally, generally do you think this is a good selection of what Vienna has to offer without going too expensive?

      Thanks so much!! I have extremely excited! =)

      1. re: Lord Griffin

        When bicycling through the Wachau you might stop wherever you want, there are dozens of places. Weissenkirchen is quite conveniently located between Melk and Krems, and has a few other places besides Jamek. Here is a link:

        I will also try to give you some more tips for Monday:

        Lunch: Naschmarkt is mostly ethnic food. If you are looking for falafel, you have a lot of choices. Dr.Falafel was the favorite of tastytrix. There is also some seafood on Naschmarkt, but it is expensive and not that special.

        For more Viennese food beside Zur eisernen Zeit I might recommend Gasthaus Ubl on Pressgasse, not far from Naschmarkt:

        Getting decent food close to Westbahnhof is not that easy. There are a lot of fast food places, but few good restaurants. The ones I can recommend are quite a distance away, such as Phoenixhof or Altwiener Gastwirtschaft Schilling.

        1. re: Sturmi

          Sturmi thanks a lot! I appreciate the time you take on this site to help us all find good chow =)

          It turns out the train on Monday leaves from the VIB, not Westbahnhof.

          1. re: Lord Griffin

            If it leaves from the VIB, it must be a bus and not a train !!

            There is a typical Viennese beisl quite close to the VIB, you might get a quite decent Wiener Schnitzel and other specialties there: Gasthaus Schmitzberger

            1. re: Sturmi

              Looked around net a bit. I can't find email address for Rudi's considering need for reservations. Any chance you could help?

                1. re: Sturmi

                  Help please what do you know about zum andreas hofer. Friend came back from Vienna. Knows someone that works at this reasturant and tells me I must go there. Trip advisor has few ratings but they are mostly bad.

                  1. re: Ycohen

                    I have never been there. It is a Tyrolian-style restaurant serving Tyrolian food. It is always the question whether you like "theme restaurants"...

    2. In the Wachau on Sunday I would heartily suggest Florianihof. The food is great, there is a small outdoor patio and the wine list is among the nest on the river.

      I would avoid Krems for food, most is bad or overpriced especially Und.

      Otherwise, I could also recommend Loibnerhof owner by relatives of the wonderful Weingut Knoll next door. I prefer their fall and winter menus, but the outdoor dining setting is pleasant and the wine list superb.