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Dinner in Savannah

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Plan to be spending two nights in Savannah in July. Vic's and Olde Pink House were recommened. Any comments and/or other suggestions.

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    1. Go over to Tybee Island and try the Sundae Cafe, but make sure you have reservations. And, as so many others have stated, whatever you do, DON'T judge it by the outside appearance or where it is located.

        1. My three current favorites are Elizabeth's, Noble Fare and Garibaldi. I also like Olde Pink House.

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            Ditto what kengk said. Just for S&Gs, See


            for comments on Vic's.

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              Would you choose Elizabeth's on 37th St, A.lure or Olde Pink House?

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                A.Lure is a brand new restaurant. I've heard good things but have not eaten there.

                The Olde Pink House is very good, and you would have a nice meal.

                Elizabeth's is one of the finest restaurants I've ever been to. I go several times a year. I highly recommend it.

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                  Thank you for your input. Much appreciated. Won't be there before July 7. If you hear any comments about A.lure from anyone who has dined there, please let me know.

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                    teesh, I'll tell you what I know about A.Lure. It was written up by a local food critic, Tim Rutherford, for Connect Savannah a couple of months ago or so. I hope it's considered okay to post a link like this:


                    As you can see, it looks promising. Maybe some of the other Savannah foodies have hit it already and can chime in?

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                      Thank you for the review of A.lure. It really appeals to me. I think I am going there one of my two nights in Savannah.

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                        I've been trying to think for the past couple of days how to compare Elizabeth's to the Olde Pink House. To me they are very different.

                        Elizabeth's is quieter and more elegant. They have somewhat limited menu choices but I can't imagine a food lover not finding something offered that they would like.

                        Pink House is bigger, livelier and has a large menu. The same group that owns Olde Pink House also own Garibaldi which is downright raucous sometimes.

                        Please report back, especially if you eat at A. Lure.

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                          Thanks for your input. Will report back when I return in July as I have decided to try A.lure much to one of my friend's disappointment as Elizabeth's is her favorite restaurant of all time. I just think the menu is more interesting at A.lure and it will be fun to go to a new restaurant.

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                            If I were forced to choose between a.lure and alligator soul. I'd take alligator soul. Its menu is very diverse, its atmosphere is quieter (could be seen as + or- ). Both have great service and great food. We're going to try Local11ten tonight. Thanks to this list.

          2. Leoci's Trattoria Italian flare with a brick oven, a hidden gem don't be surprised by the location and the front entrance. EXCELLENT! www.leocis.com

            1. Have had two fabulous dinners in Savannah in the last two days. Alligator Soul on Barnard is an excellent spot. I had the lamb chops -- exquisite, with rosemary roasted potatoes, collard greens. I sampled some friends scallops and grits, and the 20 oz steak. All fabulous.

              Also ate at a.lure on W Congress, thanks to a recommendation on this list. I had the grilled Marlin special with a watermelon salsa and grilled asparagus. Outstanding. Others also raved. about the Southern boil and the tuna. Not quite as intimate an atmosphere as Alligator Soul, but good vibe and energy.

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                Just returned from Savannah. I want to thank whoever recommended A.lure. It was great. We were surprised that it was as crowded as it was because it is so new. The wait staff needs to be a bit more seasoned but tried hard and were so pleasant. The food was delicious and well presented. We did not have time to go to Elizabeth's on 37th . A resident of Savannah told us that it has been sold and is not the same. I would love to hear from someone who has been there recently. Would have loved to try the Olde Pink House as well...Guess we are just going to have to take another vacation!

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                  Unless the Butch brothers have sold it since we were there in April 2012, they have been there for a very long time. I would rank my meal there in my top five lifetime.

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                    Elizabeths has not been sold....the Butch brothers ..who were partners with the Terrys for YEARS(since the late 80s) before they completely took over quite a while back. Even the chef ...who was trained by Elizabetheh has been there for at least 8 years!!!!!

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                      I am glad to hear this. I have friends who say their dinner there was the best of their lifetime. I look forward to going to Elizabeth's next time we are in Savannah.

                2. We'll be in Savannah on Friday the forth. Any great suggestions for dinner?

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                    This thread alone contains no less than 9 suggestions.

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                      Which is terrific but that was earlier in the year and since things change quickly in the restaurant world I was looking for current opinions.

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                        Savannah is pretty stable. Most of the places mentioned in this thread have been around for many years.

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                      Since posting my recommendations above we have eaten at Local 11 ten and I would highly recommend it as well as the others I mentioned.