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Jun 4, 2012 05:36 PM

Tel Aviv - Upscale Glatt Kosher Restaurant

Any suggestions for a nice restaurant in Tel Aviv that is also Glatt kosher to go with non religious co workers?

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  1. I liked Pasha. Upscale Turkish. But I haven't been to many in Tel Aviv.

    Here's a thread

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      PS Adina originally suggested it to me - thanks Adina!

    2. A second vote for Pasha. Great food, lovely service.

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        I was there today, the restaurant's 10th anniversary year. They start everyone with a wonderful array of cooked and raw salads and flatbread. And go on to well-prepared traditional dishes. Nothing cutting edge. Try the chicken with pistachios. It's not really upscale posh, just nice in a straightforward way with friendly, helpful waiters.

      2. Thank you, I saw that thread but most of the restaurants were not Glatt Kosher. But if I got 2 votes for Pasha then that's where we will go! thanks

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          Meatos is very good.

          Bruno in the Azrieli towers was where my colleagues would take me when I was there on business. None of them were observant, and believe it or not in the High Tech area where our office was, there was nothing upscale and kosher open in the evening. Only kosher availibility was during working hours.