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What to do with 1 lb of ground chicken (besides make burgers)?

I'd really like to do something with this tonight, but am feeling rather uninspired. Stir-fry? Any suggestions appreciated.

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  1. Use in stuffing for Asian dumplings

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          I third it! Or if you'd like a hot Thai dish, try pad grapow.

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            I forgot about pad krapow. I make larb pretty frequently in the summertime and love pad krapow as a change of pace.

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              Larb was the first thing that popped into my head as well. Makes an excellent first course or light meal!


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              Larb (also spelled sometimes as laab or laap) and pad grapow are among my favorite things. Larb works with any number of herb combinations, depending on what is available ... it's not absolutely essential to have things like kafir lime leaves and lemon grass, although some form of fresh mint seems essential. Pad grapow (also spelled umpteen ways) is a stir-fry or braise of ground or bite-size chicken, usually with oyster sauce and lots of garlic, with lots of Thai basil leaves. The basil is treated as a veggie rather than a herb, stirred in at the very last minute, usually off the fire, to retain flavor. Use as many or as few hot chills as you prefer. Online there are zillions of recipes for each of these dish. Pad graprow is also called Thai chicken with basil.

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                A clarification: true pad gaprao (yes, you can transliterate thai words several ways) is made with holy basil, a variety that is pretty scarce outside Thailand and a few other spots. Outside Thailand, it's more often made with Thai sweet basil, the Thai basil that's more widely available in the West, with purplish stems. It's very good that way, but it's not really pad gaprao ... because you use haropha instead of gaprao. But make it anyway ... you'll love it.

            3. Mix w/ an egg, some panko or breadcrumbs, minced garlic, chives, minced water chestnuts and ginger and cilantro, and a dash of soy - salt, white pepper. Make small meatballs, and bake or broil. Serve w/ peanut dipping sauce. yum. Also great w/ lettuce wraps.

              1. Mix in some taco seasoning and have tacos.

                1. Chop up shitake mushrooms, scallions, stir fry chicken, add a bit of hoisin, sesame oil, oyster sauce. Serve in lettuce leaves.

                  1. i love these chicken meatballs:


                    but larb is always a good option....

                    1. We use ground chicken and turkey easily by seasoning with chipotle in adobo, or a mix of garlic, onion, cayenne and cumin. Saute unril properly cooked. Serve with beans, avocado, cilantro, salsa, cheese, sour cream, etc. Either wrap in a big flour tortilla as a burrito or with corn tortillas for tacos. Also works over pasta as a bastardized chili mac or scrambled in eggs.

                      1. Anything you do with ground beef! Just adjust the seasoning.

                          1. Roll them into balls, bread with Panko and make "Chicken nuggets"

                            1. Make Zuppa Mariata (Italian Wedding Soup) with chicken meatballs

                              1. You could add it to stock. America's test kitchen determined the best way to get flavor and solids into a chicken stock is use some ground chicken.

                                1. I make a version of mapo tofu with ground chicken....lots of spice!

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                                    I'd love to get your recipe for this!

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                                      Well, Jeremy, I don't really have a recipe. I make this for lunches for the week. I add shiritaki noodles to it sometimes.

                                      This is what I do:
                                      brown the chicken in oil and onion, add garlic (lots of chopped), then add grated ginger and soy sauce.Add a few teaspoons of chili bean paste (the really spicy kind) and a big splash of mirin.
                                      Add the cubed firm tofu. Let it simmer together. Taste. Add more spicy bean paste or soy sauce if needed. I use really spicy fermented bean paste. Yay!!!

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                                      Do you have a favorite recipe to share? Tried one once, but it was too flat tasting.

                                      1. Just saw this recipe for Chicken Patties with Mint Yogurt Sauce on TasteSpotting. Looks good!


                                            1. I made stuffed mushrooms with ground chicken -- trim and remove the stems from the mushrooms, and mince the trimmed stems.

                                              Saute some diced bacon, a minced shallot, and the mushrooms until the mushrooms give up their liquid.

                                              Mix the ground chicken, the bacon-shallot-mushroom mixture, and spices to taste (I used herbes de Provence, but use whatever floats your boat) and some fresh-ground black pepper. Add a handful of fine-textured breadcrumbs, and an egg. Mix well. (yes, this is meatloaf)

                                              Lightly pack the mushroom caps with the mixture, and sprinkle generously with finely-grated Parmaggiano.

                                              Bake at 350 until brown and crispy on the tops.

                                              Graciously accept the accolades.

                                              (sorry - yes, the quantities are a little obtuse -- you can make 6 or 60....the above quantities did a dozen big shrooms for me, but YMMV)

                                              1. Anything you can do with ground beef you can do with ground chicken. That makes the list unbelievably endless.

                                                1. I came into the thread all excited to suggest larb, but it looks like everyone else got to it first. :D

                                                  I sometimes use chicken for Swedish meatballs -- the spicing works particularly well. Or you could spice the chicken and let it sit for a day or so to make fresh chicken sausage.

                                                    1. Stuffed peppers with brown rice, spinach (I'm a big fan of frozen chopped, squeezed dry), and cheese (feta is delicious). It's a great way to use up leftover grains and vegetables.

                                                      1. thai larb (or "laab")

                                                          1. Thanks for all the great suggestions. I ended up making a terrific chicken meatloaf based on this recipe:

                                                            And, to those that mentioned larb, do you have a recipe to share or recommend?

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                                                              Every larb recipe seems wonderful. It's good warm or at room temp, with rice and/or lettuce leaves to scoop it up. All it is is ground chicken (or pork or beef) cooked with fish sauce and finely cut up veggie matter in some combination: garlic, onions or shallots, fresh hot chills, some kind of mint leaves, maybe kafir lime leaves or any kind of Thai basil, maybe cilantro (coriander leaves). It is at its best garnished with ground up toasted rice: Toast some uncooked rice grains in a dry skillet until light brown. Cool and grind (mortar and pestle, electric coffee grinder or food processor, or paper bag and rolling pin) and sprinkle on the larb just before you serve it so it stays crunchy.

                                                            2. Glad you found a good use for it. Others are a sort of Keema Mutter, or season taco style and put in tacos, etc.

                                                              1. PF Chang inspired lettuce wraps! yummmmm

                                                                1. Rachael Ray's buffalo chicken chili. Really, it's very, very tasty. (I'm not ashamed!)

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