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Jun 4, 2012 04:20 PM

Advice for Hard to Get Reservations

Will be in NY in late August for a birthday and am hoping to get reservations at Brooklyn Fare Chefs Table and Eleven Madison Park.
I know that Brooklyn Fare is 6 weeks out at 10:30 on Monday. EMP is 4 weeks out on Opentable for the phone.
Any tips for either? Do you stand a better chance with EMP on Opentable or the phone?
Do both EMP and Chefs table let you sit on hold. Or do you get the dreaded busy signal and have to keep calling?

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  1. For EMP, you might want to be on the phone while also refreshing OT at precisely 9am. Perhaps enlist a friend, too. Also be OK with dining during lunch. Dinner can have a huge wait list.

    1. I have recent experience with both of these. I think it depends on when you want to eat - I had no problem getting an EMP reservation on Open Table, however it was for lunch and it was midweek - and I'm going solo. The general recommendation seems to be get on the phone and have Open Table signed in at 9:00 AM 28 days out to be certain.

      Brooklyn Fare conversations are supposed to be on the Outer Boroughs board, however I will say that though it took me 35 minutes of busy signals to get through, there were still spots for the week available. It helps if you can be flexible about when you want a reservation.

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        OK. Well, I know exactly which days I have available for Brooklyn Fare so I guess I'll just keep redialing and hope for the best.
        I will be online and calling EMP to get whatever they have for dinner. We will be in town for 5 days so I guess I'll just try online each day until I get a reservation that fits.

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          Oh, another thing.
          At Brooklyn Fare, I thought I read somewhere that you basically pay up front for the $225 menu. Is that true?
          I realize this may belong on the other board but all the Brooklyn Fare posts I have seen before are in this board.

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            Yes, this is absolutely true. Have your credit card ready.

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              OK. Then I guess after the meal they bill you for tax, gratuity, and alcohol?
              Is the menu refundable if you have to cancel with plenty notice.

              1. re: Heeney

                I believe you have to cancel one week in advance to get full refund but not 100% sure. There is an a 20% gratuity added to the bill and alcohol costs are paid at the restaurant.