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Jun 4, 2012 03:58 PM

West Island Chinese food

Hi all-

Just ordered from Palais Imperial in Kirkland, and I had to post about it.

This place was just awful. This is possibly the worst chinese (americanized) food that I have ever tasted. The won ton soup was so salty it was inedible. The spring rolls literally dripped grease into my mouth when I bit them. The dumplings of the hunan dumpling dish were unseasoned, and the dumplings were so overcooked that they would turn to slime in my mouth.

As for the mains - the general toa chicken was probably the best of the 3, but this is not saying much. It was a bright red colour, and really just tasted sweet - with no spice or complexity to the dish at all. The shrimp of the kung poa chicken was well coked, but the entire dish lacked any detectable seasoning besides some pepper. And the chicken in the chicken with black bean sauce (an error on their part, we ordered pepper chicken with crispy spinach) must have been resting in MSG for days. It had a bizarre texture (sort of like fish?) that kind of flaked away in your mouth.

We usually order from Perle, but wanted to try something new to see if there were better alternatives. We are also familiar with Peking Garden, but Perle is better in terms of food quality, freshness, and flavour.

So CH, could you make any recommendations for some decent chinese in the west island?

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  1. The first time I went to Palais Imperial I was quite impressed. Unfortunately, every trip back since has been getting less pleasant and after the last visit (some months ago) I decided I wouldn't go back. Not terrible, just definitely not worth it. Sounds like it may be even worse now by your description.

    I would suggest trying Nouveau Maison Kam in the Super C mall at the corner of Sources and Pierrefinds Blvds. Unfortunately it's in a strip mall, and the ambiance matches that to a tee. I've only been twice, but the food has easily been above par. The decor is poor, but the place is clean; service is prompt but hasn't been as good as it could have been. friendliness-wise.

    That said, the food, I had one won ton soups, shrimp toast and duck as I recall, and everyboy enjoyed the meal very much.

    Hope you like it!

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      I been going to Nouveau Maison Kam for many years now. They used to be in Cote des Neiges. They moved up to Pierrefonds, due to high rent increased, that what I was told by the waiter.
      Food is very good and do see some famous local people there as well
      I try Wok Cafe last week, the most tasteless food I ever had, don`t know what happen,as it use to be quite good??

    2. Mikey beat me to it, Nouveau Maison Kam is very good. I'm convinced their is a connection with Kam Shing in Cote des Neiges as the dishes and tastes are almost identical.

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      1. re: ios94

        Thanks a ton guys - never heard of this place. I will check it out.

        1. re: ios94

          Hi guys,

          What are the stand-out dishes at Nouveau Maison Kam? I ordered take out from the place, and although I found the quality of ingredients to be very good I found everything we ordered a little too sweet (sesame beef, szechuan shrimp, black pepper chicken w/ crispy spinach).

          Would love to hear what you guys consider to be their great dishes.

        2. Change owner? Couple years ago (when i used to live in that area) it was the best one. Yes the taste was mild, less msg, sometimes under season but still good. It was more expensive than maison kam (yes they are related with kam sing). If u have time, go to brossard that what we do every week

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          1. re: winoto

            is this really the reincarnation of the Maison Kam that used to be on CDN, the site of which was taken over by the grocery store Kim Phat? (close by the CDN mall). I can't believe it, that place closed down close to 10 yrs ago. They had a wonderful cook, everything was good there and so reasonable.I used to lunch there at least 3 times a week.

            Are you sure the waiter was referring to that same place? The owner was a charming, stout gentleman in his 60s (my guess) at the time. I actually heard he retired when the owners wouldn't renew his lease. If it's the same gang, I'd make the hike up there to try it out. Interesting bit of trivia. Once I saw the weathergirl Lila Feng having dinner there, and was told she was the owner's daughter.

            1. re: Montreal_eater

              The waiter did tell me that they move from CDN to Pierrefonds

              I never did ask the address of where they were on CDN

              I been going there for many years and food always good

              I never did see a stout gentlemen there

              1. re: Montreal_eater

                I thought the original Maison Kam Fung location on CDN, just moved across the street to CDN mall. I have even eaten at the Maison Kam Fung CDN mall location. Last time I checked it was still there.

                1. re: BLM

                  It was Kam Shing that moved across the street from next to the Harvey's to the CDN mall.

                  1. re: BLM

                    CDN mall is Kam Shing

                    Is the WI restaurant in question Kam Shing or Fung. Kam Shing has a history in the WI. There was new Kam Shing on St Jeans. I am guessing this new restaurant is a version of that.

                    1. re: catroast

                      OK, I didn't know Maison Kam Fung ever had CDN location. Maison Kam Fung had Ville St Laurent location at one point I think(unless I'm confusing it with Kam Shing again). .

              2. Dim Sum on the WI? Noticed a papered up sign for Maison Kam Fung located in the Sources strip-mall with the new Dairy Queen/Orange Julius.

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                1. re: RhondaB

                  We are talking about NEITHER Kam Shing nor Kam Fung . The restaurant in question is now called Nouveau Maison Kam. 8 years, it was located on CDN and called Maison Kam. I couldn't resist checking it out tonight. I asked the waiter, (who actually looks familiar) and he confirmed they have been at their current location for 8 years and that indeed, it was the Maison Kam of my recollection. The previous owner I suppose is retired, as he was not there. I thoroughly enjoyed the food. The plates were generous, and the food was tasty if a little salty. Comforting old fashioned Cantonese food. I can't believe I didn't find out they actually moved as opposed to closing down.

                    1. re: Gregoso

                      We ordered seafood chow mein, yang chow fried fried rice, beef stew, stir-fried beef with rice noodles, water spinach cooked with garlic and bean curd and curried chicken. The beef stew was a little salty and the tendons were not quite tender enough but the flavour was delicious. Everything was delicious, but the water spinach was especially good. This latter dish is naturally salty due to the sodium in the bean curd. We came in around 6 20 adnd the place was empty. About 20 minutes later, it was full, so we just beat the rush. Keep in mind this is a small place; about 1/3 of the size of the original site on CDN. There were several parties waiting for a table when we left around 7 30pm. Looks like a popular family spot.

                      I don't know what the szechuan style dishes would taste like, as I always order Cantonese food in restos, and I know this restaurant is really Cantonese.

                      1. re: Montreal_eater

                        I like the Hot and Sour soup alot and the egg rolls are up there with Yangtze

                2. Just curious. Has anybody here ever ordered from, or been to Li-Chee Garden in Pierrefonds?

                  This place is quite the enigma. Ever since I moved to Pierrefonds over a decade ago, I used to drive by there daily on my way to work. Not once did I ever see any cars in their sizable parking lot.

                  Plus, the place has always looked run down.

                  About 10 years ago, after a long drive back from Toronto. I decided to stop there to pick up some take-out. It was like walking through a Stargate back to the 50s. There were hanging chinese lanterns, dragons on the wall, you name the cliche and they had it.

                  As I remember, the food was traditional North American Chinese, albeit unspectacular. Some of the fried dishes had a hint that the cooking oil was stale.

                  Anybody else been recently?

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