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Jun 4, 2012 03:23 PM

I thought this was a "chow" site, not a political push wagon.

I love the chow tips, but can't stomach the constant Obama ads. Every single chow tip video had a political re-elect Obama ad. Now once in a while I can see an ad here or there, but every single video? Sorry, but I lost my job in direct due to Obama policy, and so did my husband so seeing his face in every ad left a sour taste in my mouth for chow tips.

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  1. Well, the alternative is to write a check. Ads are how the site is supported.

    1. The site accepts advertising. Don't read the ads that don't interest you.

      1. There are other sites which place advertising videos ahead of free videos to pay for the feature. The practice is not uncommon. It's exactly the same as a paid political ad appearing on television before a freely broadcast program.

        If you would have them exclude advertising merely because of political content, that would be a political act itself.

        1. Gryph, get over it. You live in New Hampshire, so you've got plenty of Romney ads to enjoy on WMUR. It's only going to get uglier.

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          1. re: whs

            Which is why I never watch TV at all WHS. I hate politics creeping into my house. If you ask me they are all crooked, every last one.

          2. For a change of pace, switch channels to Telemundo and watch Nieto battle it out with Obrador in Mexico. There is no escape from election season....

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            1. re: Veggo

              That made me spit wine out of my nose laughing, but you are right, there is no escape! I just hate election years because of this.