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Jun 4, 2012 03:12 PM

Weekday lunch spots in Norwalk?


I am starting a new job in Norwalk, in the area of E. Wall Street and Park Street. I am coming from a foodie desert and so looking forward to new yummy options for lunch - cheap and ethnic (any and all) a plus.

I'm looking forward to exploring, but point me in the right direction. Where should I go?

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  1. Pontos is pretty good Greek on Isaac St.

    1. Just a short trip down East Ave to Fort Point Street is Tacos Mexicos, a local Mexican favorite:

      You could also follow Main Street (Rt 123) North for a half mile or so to find a hidden pocket of good restaurants that fit your criteria.

      Valencia Luncheria:

      Taste of Brazil is just across the street:

      And if you're feeling like vegetarian, The Lime is always a top choice:

      1. Bonani Indian Restaurant about a 5-10 minute drive is a hole in the wall Indian takeout joint with a few tables but no table service. Good, under $10.00 lunch specials that come with vegetable fritters, nan, basmati rice & meat. Also, on Wall Street is the popular Fat Cat Pie Company a craft pizzeria & bar for the hipster crowd. Dutchess, a CT fast food chain that has a drive through window has good breafast sandwiches such as bacon, egg & cheese on a Kaiser roll (AKA: Hard Roll around here) and decent Green Mountain Coffee & THE BEST HOT DOGS IN THE AREA (Yes, way better than Swanky Franks)! There are myriad ethnic choices around here, some great some awful. Snoop around, I'm sure your co-workers will know many others. WELCOME!