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Jun 4, 2012 02:43 PM

Aiello's closing!

I just got an email that Aiello's is closing or may have already closed! Sad to see this place go. I always enjoyed the food and personal service there.

They state in the email that the operations at the 7th Street and Thunderbird location are unaffected.


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  1. It's disappointing news, but not entirely surprising. I always enjoyed the restaurant, but it was often half full while nearby competitors like Postino, the Windor, and St. Francis have people waiting for tables. When Aiello's opened five years ago, it filled a void in Uptown. Now, there's a lot more competition in the neighborhood. At the same time, Moon Valley lacks the restaurants to serve its population, so it may be a smart move for the Aiellos to focus their new efforts in that part of town.

    1. I heard something about a move south on Central....

      1. I'm very sad about this. Aiello's was one of my favorites. I'm not necessarily a fan of the other restaurants in that area and am sad to see it go.

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          Word on the street is that they're in talks for some of the ground floor retail/restaurant space at the Lexington on Central. I'm leaving for the summer in a couple weeks and am hopeful that they'll be open there by the time I return.

          1. re: fledflew

            Lost the lease? Looks like DeMarco is going to do something in the space.