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Jun 4, 2012 01:51 PM

Appletree Market - new weekly market at Mount Pleasant and Davisville

Received this press release today about a new market (well, new location of an existing market). I was never at the original market (Yonge and Eg) but I've met and like the people behind it. They're launching tomorrow afternoon. Apart from the midtown location, I particularly like the fact that each week they will have a couple of food trucks, a weekly food drop-off program as well as weekly activities and entertainment for kids. Look forward to checking it out!


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  1. Sounds good particularly if the parking is easy.

    1. I went today and it was great! Lots of different vendors from fruit and veg, baked goods, jams, cheese, meats and fish. Like that there was so much variety and the location is great for people living more uptown. There was one food truck when I got there at 3:30, cupcakes, were decent, not amazing. Parking on the side streets is easy

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        Where are the food trucks parked? Parking can get dicey there since the tennis club opens at 5:00 pm and members often choose to park on Millwood first.

        1. re: Degustation

          I was at the market at about 5:00 and the cupcake truck was still the only one there, parked on Acacia Rd, on the western edge of the market/park. I was impressed with the variety of sellers and with the abundance of product samples. I bought an excellent sourdough, multi-seed bread from one of the vendors, De La Terre. I'll be back next week

          1. re: Yongeman

            So glad you guys checked it out and that it was great. We were busy with the Transit of Venus but will be sure to stop in next week. How was the attendance level?

            Edit: Also, is there going to be a weekly CSA pick-up there? Debating between that or renewing with Willo'Wind (who we loved last year). Thanks.

            1. re: peppermint pate

              Attendance seemed pretty good--a steady flow. In speaking to a couple of the vendors, some indicated that they'd have to bring more of certain products next week, but there was still lots of selection when I was there. Culinarium was represented at the market...I think that they do a weekly pick-up at the store, not sure of the market, though.