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Dec 22, 2003 12:35 AM

Good Indian in Sacramento?

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I was wondering where to go for good Indian food. I have a friend that loves Indian food who is coming to visit in January.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. There is a South Indian restaurant at the corner of Fulton and Hurley where we ate recently that was very good (not much to look at, but food was excellent!). Its in a little strip mall. I got the recommendation from here on Chowhound, but can't for the life of me remember the name of the place (although I could drive straight to it!). Try a search through Chowhound.

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      1. re: Walter

        Thanks for the info. I was thinking of visiting the same place because that's the only Indian place that I ever saw mentioned on here. However, the post seemed to refer to a special order so I was wondering how the rest of the food was.

        1. re: Betty

          re: Kaveri Madras (thanks for the name!): I posted and mentioned that although the buffet looked good, I would go with the that what you meant by a special order? In my opinion, going to a south Indian restaurant and not trying the Dhosa is kind of like going to an ice cream shop and ordering a other words, what's the point?

          (The Dhosa are very good there, IMO. Anyone who likes Indian food should enjoy them........)

      2. re: Janet

        there is a "new" Indian restaurant on W. El Camino and Truxel -- Daboo - I think it's called. Planning to do lunch there in a day or two. Would love to know anyone else's experience.

      3. Refreshing the question: any recommendations for a good Indian restaurant in or near Sacramento? Any updates since the last post in 2004?

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        1. re: Docshiva

          I still recommend Kaveri. I work near there and eat there often for lunch. I have only had their buffet. I really like their food.

          1. re: lilyalli

            DH has eaten at Kaveri within the last few months and still enjoyed it. FWIW.

          2. re: Docshiva

            The best Indian place in Sacramento is Pooja Grill in West Sac. Also a very good vegetarian Indian is Udupi Palace in Rancho Cordoba.

            1. re: Docshiva

              Gaylord India Restaurant on 14th & O is excellent. Their curries are delicious, with perfect naan, and a great tandoor oven. Plus, the restaurant is nice - especially the greenhouse area near the street.

              Gaylord India Restaurant
              1501 14th St, Sacramento, CA 95814

              1. re: Docshiva

                Sher E Punjab (Fair Oaks Blvd. at Marconi) has good Northern Indian / Pakistani food. Menu and buffet at lunch and dinner.

                1. re: alanbarnes

                  i just left the gym and saw sher e punjab and realized i should post it and someone beat me to it! we thought it was really good. better than mehran which i read about in wall street journal even! same shopping center parking lot as maritime grill- another good place for seafood not indian!