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Jun 4, 2012 01:34 PM

Hamburg, Germany - restaurant recommendations

My husband and I are going to Hamburg for weekend in July. Restaurant recommendations are much appreciated! German food, döner kebabs, anything! Splurges or cheap eats. I couldn't find very much about Hamburg on these boards.

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      1. For kebabs & other Turkish specialties, Steindamm (near the Hauptbanhof) is very accessible with lots of eating options, if you don't mind the sex shops & street walkers. Still, the largely Turkish neighborhood is bustling & lively, though it sometimes feel a bit edgy.

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          Chicken doner kebap from Gaziantep Adana-Urfa Kebap Salonu, Steindamm 3 - probably one of the best you'd get anywhere - juicy, flavorsome, pillow-soft bread, utterly delicious ;-)

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            Will definitely check this out. We love doner! Thanks for the picture too :)

        2. Hi
          Some recommendations in hamburg:
          If you can splurge, Matsumi has amazing sushi and other Japanese dishes.

          For amazing crab and great seafood try the Portugese La Sepia

          To get stuffed on all you can eat Chinese, Mongolese and surprisingly good sushi

          Hamburg is a great city, enjoy!

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            I'd second Matsumi - IMO the best Japanese spot in all of Hamburg.