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Jun 4, 2012 12:45 PM

Birthday Dinner On The Peninsula

Having moved to Sunnyvale two years ago from S. California, I want to get to know my area for special celebrations and not immediately jump on the train and head to SF.

Scratch in Mountain View is our default restaurant and we are looking for something along those lines (not necessarily the same ethnicity - Cal/American) - but a restaurant that might offer small plates we can share for starters, a choice of interesting entrees that are more than pork/chicken/steak, and no clucking in shame if we don't order dessert. Nopa also was a favorite of ours, but like I said, we're looking to avoid going into the city right now.

We have been to Arcadia, Alexander's (Cupertino), and Cantankerous Fish (mostly because we were with a pescatarian at dinner time).

I am not ready to pop for over $100/pp for a dinner (so no Manresa, etc) and call me a snob - or a neurotic snob - but I cancelled the reservations we had for Chef TJ after reading the chef's tweets - not sure why the restaurant actually encourages diners to read them as they certainly do not portray the chef in a favorable light - to me at least.

Having said all that, what are we missing? (We're willing to go as far north as San Mateo and as far south as downtown San Jose). We've considered Joya and Il Postale but don't know if they will fill the bill - so to speak!

Thanks everyone - I learn something new each time I read the posts from you!

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  1. Palo Alto/Menlo Park/Woodside: Evvia (Greek), Village Pub, Station One, Flea Street

    Redwood City:
    Donato Enoteca (Italian), Martin's West (a bit more casual, interesting takes on British pub food and other options)

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      goldangl95, thank you, thank you! You interpreted my requests exactly and came up with a good assortment of choices. After browsing through all the menus, I think the Village Pub is just the kind of place we've been searching for (and honestly, with such a generic name, I don't think I would have looked into it without your guidance). So thanks - again!