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Jun 4, 2012 12:25 PM

Downtown Chicago

Will be staying in downtown Chicago for the weekend and while I'm covered for Shabbos meals, was wondering if there's any local kosher place to pick b-fast and lunch on Friday, Sunday and Monday in that area since I wont have a car. Thanks.

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  1. Your only option is Kotel Kosher at the French Market on Randolph and Clinton for some pre-packaged sandwiches and some grocery items. This is only for Friday. Possibly the South Loop Synagogue will also have some packaged stuff on Friday. Other then that, there is NOTHING downtown (unfortunately).

    1. You can arrange for downtown delivery for your meals (pre/post Shabbos) but it will be pricey. If you're willing, there are lots of Zipcar/iGo locations downtown where you can rent a car for about $10/hr, so for about $30 you can drive to the Kosher stores, pick up what you need and bring it back to your hotel. The only other Kosher option, MetroKlub is a lunch-only place that's only open Mon-Thurs.

      1. As others have posted there is not much downtown with the vast majority of the Kosher resources in the Skokie or Highland Park areas- these are a couple of the restaurants that deliver:

        Tein Li Chow - or The Sandwich Club -

        For a complete list you can check here -

        1. I was in Chicago last week and thought Kotel Kosher was terrific. First of all, it's within walking distance of Michigan Ave area hotels (not a short walk, but doable in nice weather, with lots to look at along the way). It's also accessible by taxi or public transportation. On previous trips to Chicago I've schlepped to Roger's Park to stock up on food, which took over an hour by public transport or a $40 cab ride.

          Anyway, Kotel Kosher is situated in the French Market, within a train station (sort of like Grand Central Market in NY). It sells generously stuffed deli sandwiches- I had the turkey, which was very good. There are also lots of Israeli and other kosher grocery items for sale, such as Osem pickles, bamba, soup lentils, etc. Best of all, the next store over, I think it's called City Farm, has a beautiful selection of good quality fresh fruits and vegetables AND some amazingly fresh sourdough, ciobatta, and other breads with cRc hechsher. I highly recommend a visit to the French Market next time you are in downtown Chicago.

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            That is good to - know workin in the suburbs I rarely get down to the city but its nice to know there is a place to eat -

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              I think the original poster was asking about options for the weekend - Kotel Kosher is not open Shabbos or Sunday.

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                True - but if someone does a search for Chicago they will also get the information about Kotel Kosher -

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                  Correct and was so posted back on June 4th:) Anyway, I just realized that the poster wanted arrangements for Monday as well and I don't think that we mentioned metroklub on here - it will be open on Monday fro 11-3 inside the Crowne Plaza hotel. As my son says: "Yummy yummy tum tum"!