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Jun 4, 2012 11:16 AM

In Kiawah Island/Charleston for the week, looking for good seafood!

I'm staying in Kiawah Island with the family for the next week. We vacation here a lot but never really leave the island. We are on the look out for tasty seafood!! Crab legs, shrimp, and mussels are what we love. I've been looking through the Charleston threads and haven't found anything I have liked. Mid-priced preferred, maybe something on the water, nothing too touristy. Thanks!

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  1. So do you WANT to leave Kiawah? You may have to if you want a place that meets all your criteria. None of the places on Kiawah are, IMO, mid-prices. The Atlantic room has ocean views. Rosebank Farms, over on Bohicket marina has gotten mixed reviews lately, but it's on the water.

    Just FYI, crab legs come from Alaska so any you get will have been frozen. You might be able to find some on a Chinese buffet in West Ashley, but I'm not sure.The local shrimp season has just started and they are really sweet this year.

    If you do want to leave the island, both Boulevard Diner and Mustard Seed on James Island both have excellent mid-priced food. Mustard Seed will have more seafood options. No tourists, not on the water. Also, Fat Hen on John's Island is wonderful, but not a fried seafood place. It's a little higher end.

    In Charleston, on the water, but very touristy is Fleet Landing. The food is ok, and there are lots of seafood options, but the harbor view can't be beat. Any place with a view this time of year is likely full of tourists. Not on the water, Jestine's in Charleston does nice fried shrimp.

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      Oh, yeah, we want to leave Kiawah for food! Sorry forgot to mention it, everything on the island is definitely overpriced.

      The Fat Hen is looking pretty good. Would you recommend Hominy Grill for lunch?

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        The Fat Hen is wonderful.

        And yes, I'd recommend Hominy. Go early if you want to get a parking place in their lot. They did a nice renovation so now there's a patio where you can wait and have a drink. They have blackboards on the walls with their specials. Save room for dessert.

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          And if for some reason you are returning to Kiawah mid day or early evening from an excursion, you can always stop at the Fishnet -- a hole in the wall on Route 17 (Savannah Highway) next to Dodge's Chicken and gas and get takeout. No Sunday sales, stop frying at 6 or 6:30 other nights. I had a shrimp snack on Saturday night that was wonderful -- more than one person could eat for less than $8 with two sides and hush puppies. Fresh fish, too. And deep fried and cleaned blue crabs.... and Jesus crabs (religious folks so can't call it "deviled.") No place to sit and eat in, but perhaps a nice picnic at the Angel Oak? Get cold drinks at Dodge's.

          I always miss it since I usually come through on a Sunday or later in the evening, but it's exceedingly fresh and cooked to order.

          For something else you might like, try the Sunset Grill in Edisto on the water, at the marina for lunch. Not touristy, great fried oyster salad or shrimp poo' boys. And the drive there is beautiful. A different beach.