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Jun 4, 2012 11:13 AM

Luke Nguyen Vietnam Australian show

Thought the first episode was brilliant. Great look into the culture and great food. Think No reservations with a more insightful chef (not to knock AB as I do love him) just thought it was a better mix.

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  1. chris2269, you always have the best leads and I'm hoping you have a link to match! I really enjoy Luke Nguyen.

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    1. re: HillJ

      The site I use is called you have to use torrents which I know for some is a new thing. I do not pirate Music or movies but I have not owned a TV for 3 years and watch a lot of AU and NZ shows thanks to this site. My torrent client is Bit torrent which I like.

    2. Oh, it always excites me when other people get excited by Australian talent. We have some incredible chefs and cooks over here, that often don't get recognised outside of our country. So glad you've hooked on to Luke Nguyen, he is absolutely wonderful.

      1. I'm going to have to watch this--I love Luke Nguyen on cooking channel! Thanks for sharing.

        1. Where has the show gone! I miss Luke, I really enjoyed his cooking and the people he highlighted. There was another cooking show from Australian, is was a female chef/restaurant owener who cooked Chinese. Her food looked awesome! Both shows were very interesting, not the "boxed" version of cooking shows we have now.

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          1. re: kpaumer

            Do you mean Kylie Kwong? She is awesome!

            1. re: TheHuntress

              Yes! That's her, she was great, The lady really knew how to work a cleaver. The show itself was slow paced and had almost a calming effect, sort of the "feng shui" of cooking shows.

          2. I'd have to agree that I really love his show and that he's very insightful (plus he actually cooks which is nice) and thanks for the link. It's too hard to randomly come across his show on Cooking Channel, I'll have to get my SO to show me how to download his shows. Do you know if the Kylie Kwong shows are also on there? I like her way better than Ching Li.