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Jun 4, 2012 10:02 AM

Good places near Cleveland Circle and Reservoir?


well, the title says it all, right :)


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  1. Head inbound on Beacon St. to Washington Sq, and further east to Coolidge Corner. Search for threads with each area.

    1. It wouldn't hurt to be a little more specific. Are you looking for pizza? Despite recent opinions on this board to the contrary, I still really enjoy Pino's. How about Thai? There's a Rod Dee right there, which I enjoy quite a bit. How about a gastropub-like place? Then maybe Washington Square Tavern is the answer. The more detail you give us, the better answers we can give you.

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        So, I'm not really looking for anything specific, however I would prefer local cuisine. So if there is some place doing good Chowder or Lobster that be great. Also some brunch place would be cool.

        Basically I will stay in that area for about two weeks and I need a couple of options when I don't feel like eating downtown but want to stay in the area. Generally I'm very much into authenticity. I almost not care about price, so I'm as happy in a whole in the wall place as I am at a Michelin starred restaurant.

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          the Abbey in Washington square isn't too far from Cleveland Circle. A bit further (Coolidge corner) there is Lineage.

      2. Not much at all in the way of quality places in that part of town. Mostly bars, chains and pizza places. As others have suggested, you are better off heading a mile east towards Brookline or a few miles west towards Newton/Chestnut Hill.

        1. The wife and I recently ate at the Abbey, and thought it was pretty good. Tasty apps, and my entree, the broiled cod was outstanding

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            i agree on the cod w/ potato pancake