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Jun 4, 2012 09:58 AM

Family Lunch in Sausalito

Our family of 8 (includes a 7 year old and 8 month old) is taking the ferry to Sausalito this Friday and need lunch recommendations. Based on research i'm looking at the following places so far...please let me know what you think of these or if you have other recommendations. A view would be great but not required

Le Garage
Bar Bocce
Bridgeway Cafe

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  1. If price is no object, on a nice day with its huge waterfront outdoor patio/picnic seating, Fish is really great. Very fresh and well prepared food. Some caveats: it is expensive (about $20 for the fish and chips) they don't take credit cards and its a very, very long walk from the ferry (taxis are available.)

    Le Garage is not quite as expensive and it also has a lovely outdoor patio. Takes credit cards and the food is simple French and very good. Also not quite as kid friendly as Fish, but they do welcome families.

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      I'd vote for Fish too. Super kid-friendly with room for them to run around and nobody cares if they're noisy. Food is really good and plenty for kids to like. Not cheap but worth the money. Take cash!

    2. The Bridgeway Cafe is called the Sausalito Bakery & Cafe by their current sign. It's a very good deli-style place, very casual. Here are a few photos:

      Le Garage is great, right on the later at a boat harbor, non-touristy location, and very good French food.

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      1. Agree with comments made on both Fish ($$ but very good and kid-friendly) and Le Garage (very good, less kid-friendly but would work) and will add that Bar Bocce would be very kid friendly both in atmosphere and menu. BUT, these are all a long walk from Ferry Terminal esp. for a 7-yr old and lugging an 8-mo old. Bridgeway Cafe/Sausalito Bakery Cafe is only place mentioned that is within comfortable on-foot distance. Also across street is Poggio, good food but more elegant and expensive altho you can get sidewalk seating.