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Jun 4, 2012 09:57 AM

Caramel Desserts?

I'm looking for your best suggestions for caramel desserts in the Boston/Cambridge/North of Boston areas. My first choice would be a caramel tart but I'll take any suggestions you have. I'm not a fan of flan or creme brulee, just fwiw. Can be single serve or larger. Any pretty much anything as long as it has caramel in/on it counts.

I've got Toscanini's ice cream on my list already. :-)

I also have the caramel tart at Anneke Jans (Kittery, ME) on there, too.


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  1. The chocolate bread pudding with caramel sauce at Foundry on Elm is fantastic, but doesn't look to be on the menu right now. Others love the caramel/butterscotch bread pudding at Eastern Standard, and while I love most of their desserts, I thought their bread pudding was too stiff and bready--not enough of a pudding component.

    1. at Brasserie Jo they serve Ile Flotante in caramel sauce, which I have never tried. However, one night I went with a dining companion who couldn't eat chocolate, and we asked if we could have the profiteroles with the caramel sauce instead of the usual. Well, it was really, really good.

      At one time, Island creek was serving their cider donuts with caramel dipping sauce. Last time I went it was something else...I missed the caramel.

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        I feel sorry for your companion. Those profiteroles with chocolate sauce are one of the best desserts available anywhere, in my humble opinion. (Sorry to hijack the thread, just had to interject. Those things are amazing.)

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          oh, I agree and I've had them many times. So has the aforementioned dining was a temporary thing. She loves them, which is why we decided to try them with the caramel sauce which it turns out was almost as good. Only they don't bring the caramel sauce in a pitcher, allowing you as much as you want :)

      2. In addition to their famous burnt caramel ice cream, Toscanini's now has salted caramel, a very smooth flavored ice cream.

        1. Caramel swirl ice cream at Picco when they have it.

          Sticky buns from Flour bakery- the "goo" on top is essentially caramel.

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            Talenti Gelato Sea Salt Caramel is a caramel-lover's dream dessert. Smooth and creamy and over the top caramel. It is in many Stop and Shop grocery stores and lots of other places. Definitely woth the search.

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              I had the Talenti gelato recently, and agree with greenstate whole heartedly, it was wonderful. I thought it was better than the toscanini ice cream.

          2. The pear crostada with caramel almond ice cream at Rendezvous is very good and caramel is the predominant flavor.