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Jun 4, 2012 09:52 AM

Sea Street Cafe - Hyannis

I am rating the restaurant on a few matters not related to the food. Was the food amazing, no. Was it good, for sure. Would I go back, not at all. When I have an issue with a server it really puts a damper on things. I must preface this by saying I am a courteous customer and an amazing tipper. I also have extensive experience waitressing and catering.

I arrived with a group of special needs adults (5 diners). Another group from our program had already been seated in a separate table. It was an outing to practice tipping. All restaurants on Cape provide separate checks when asked so that each adult can work on their own bill. When politely asked for separate checks we were told no. End of story, the outing changed but we did not debate it and proceeded. Each adult ordered well (long wait as she was overextended but no worries, we were not in any hurry). I asked if the OJ was fresh squeezed. She commented that it was so I ordered a juice with my meal. I observed her poaring a generic brand of OJ out of a carton. She was super busy (the only waitress at the time) so I approached the counter and told her to cancel my juice as I wanted fresh squeezed. She pointed to the carton that said fresh squeeze to correct me. I did not debate it and just told her to cancel but said "fresh squeezed" meant the restaurant used fresh juice.

The food came fast and it was fine.

My colleague at another table came over to tell me the waitress complained to her about me causing problems. My initial thought was, how high school and second how unprofessional and lastly, did she think my colleague would not tell me.

As she brought the bill, I politely apologized if she felt I was a difficult customer and she feigned that everything was fine.

Our travel coordinator organized the bill and tipped 15% despite her odd manners.

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  1. Phelena- I am also a former waitress and restaurant manager, so I feel I am sometimes overly forgiving in certain situations, but this just sounds- weird?

    Does fresh squeezed mean something other than what the term is? Either she really didn't know or was lying, which is worse? 'Telling' on you to your colleague is just bizarre.

    I am a generous tipper when it's deserved, however I feel 15% is sometimes too much....