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Jun 4, 2012 09:39 AM

Breakfast along Hwy 61 between Memphis and Clarksdale - or in Memphis?

I'll be arriving at the Memphis airport around 8am and I'll want breakfast - southern style breakfast. I'm considering stopping at the Blue & White in Tunica - country ham, grits, eggs, biscuits, gravy... but maybe you know somewhere else to recommend. Thanks.

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  1. Blue and White would sure be my choice as it is right on the way and really good. If you want something sooner then just head over to Summer Avenue in Memphis and stop by Bryant's for the best breakfast in the world. A country ham, egg and cheese biscuit is what God eats when she isn't worrying about her weight.

    1. If you can wait go to Resthaven in Clarsdale which is Lebanese. Mmmmmm..........

      Rest Haven
      419 North State Street, Clarksdale, MS
      (662) 624-8601

      1. Arcade is another good one in Memphis close to downtown but near the highway. Take I 55 N around to S. Main.

        1. Blue and White is going to be your best, close to only, option.