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San Antonio Burgers

Is there anywhere to get a really good burger in SA? and please don't say Chris Madrid's (gross) or Whattaburger (even grosser). thanks

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    1. The Palm has great ones.

      1. The Cove has great burgers. Don't really care for Big'z, but then again...I think Chris Madrid's are pretty tasty :)

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          +1 on the Cove, though usually stick with Chesters or GBG (lamb burger-yummm) for location reasons. Can't bring myself to drive very far if all I want is a burger. Sliders from Say She Ate truck were fabulous...if that's in your area.

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            Plus 1 on Gourmet Burger Grill - my favorite burger in SA so far. I also enjoyed the burgers at Beefy's Backyard , Longhorn and The Cove. Culver's is awesome. For upscale burgers I love Cappy's The Heights Burger or The Big Ass Burger at Roaring Fork.

          2. thanks everyone! Have been to the Cove...think I split a burger with my friend (unmemorable I guess) and I don't like having to order at a counter (Chris Madrid's too). Big'z seems to be quite far from my home neighborhood (MonteVista/AltaVista). the Palm website looks great, but I think I would order something other than a burger in an upscale place. I would like to find a place (bar perhaps) with just a really great burger and draft beer. Have been to Cheesy Jane's and it was pretty good (even better considering we had a coupon for a free burger with purchase of another). Thanks again

            1. By the way in my humble opinion, Chris Madrid's was one of the worst burgers I've ever had. A huge bun does not make a good burger. The meat was large but very thin and tasteless. Was served with hothouse tomatoes and onions which were chopped too large (not sliced thin). I didn't get cheese because saw some on other plates and it looked like velveeta (and too much of it too). Also the fries were limp and greasy. Also hated having to order and pick up at the counter. Not my kind of place, but San Antonioians seem to love it

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                It is definately NOT Velveeta. It is cheddar, I will never eat "American cheese". I never miss Chris Madrid's when I am in town!

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                  If you go to a place "a lot of San Antonians seem to love" you'll probably get a mediocre experience...residents aren't known for their culinary acumen.

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                    Beg to differ about San Antonian's tastes....as a thirty year resident I can tell you the culinary scene here has changed for the better in the last decade, and the best of that is in the last five years or less. You're not going to pick up on that reading this board since most SA threads originate with out-of-towners looking for the best tex-mex or BBQ.
                    All that being said, Chris Madrids was a "been there, done that" for us

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                      I have to agree with SAhomecooking, just look at the list of the "Best" restaurants in the paper yesterday. Olive Garden got voted best Italian, Subway best sandwich, need I say more?

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                        I choose to believe that particular poll is either fixed or that local foodies don't bother to vote in such polls. Those results were terrible! If those were the best places in each category I would have no choice but to move.

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                          The discouraging reality is that the newspaper's poll is probably an accurate reflection of the vast majority's tastes, most of whom are no more gastronomically adventurous than a midline chain restaurant, a la The Olive Garden or Outback. It is undeniably true, as you point out, that the diversity and depth of cuisine has changed for the better recently, but in this category, as in so many others, San Antonio has started so far behind more enlightened areas that it will take a lot longer to develop a vibrant culinary scene. CIA is certainly a positive development and our local chefs have for the most part led the charge towards better food, but it will take a lot more than a few fine restaurants and food trucks to change the almost wilfully ignorant food culture here. And don't get me started on the local "favorites" who serve nothing but inferior, mediocre cuisine to packed crowds, like Chris Madrid's, Paesano's, Big Lou's, and the like.

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                        I'm with you, Sam Spade. People that are visiting from out of town want to try touristy type places, and I don't blame them. When we first moved here a year ago, we wanted to try all of those places too. (We loved them all, too!) It's taken us almost a whole year to find any restaurants that rival those in DC, where we moved from. I think you should cut the locals some slack. Many of them are transplants like us, and simply don't know where the "good" places are. Also, this isn't exactly the wealthiest city in the world. A lot of the places that the everyone on Chowhound considers "good" are pretty pricey for the average person (or Airman, as it were in SA).

                  2. Thin burgers seem to be the SA style, Chris Madrid's, Longhorn, etc.
                    I prefer a thick burger, Big'z, Chester's.
                    All of these places you order at the counter.

                    1. Big Bob's Burgers, recently relocated to Hildebrand between Blanco and San Pedro, may meet your needs-

                      1. Or try the original burgers at Luther's on Main.

                        1. Check out this website for a bunch of reviews:

                          I tried their #1, The Lord's Kitchen and was not impressed. My burger was so overcooked it just fell apart.

                          1. Haven't tried Luther's. Bracken Cafe out in the town of Bracken, northeast of San Antonio has good burgers, and you can see them cooking them.They do have other food as well.It's located in an old store building.You can go Nacogdoches Road all the way out of town till you come to Bracken.Never been to Specht's Store out by Blanco Road.It too is a little cafe in an old store building.It was a little community once.Was there for ages.Never ate at the place, but over 40 years time period, have driven past the store.It has I believe gotten some good reviews.

                            There is also Fuddrucker's,which i have never tried.They too are i think down off some street near Nacogdoches Road.That is near Loop410 and nacogdoches.

                            1. Boo Dawg's. I-10 Exit 543 in Boerne. Turn back east on the south frontage road. Outstanding burgers and fries. Interesting decor.

                              1. Fattboys is my latest find. It is a great burger. It is the most "homestyle" of any burgers I've had in SA. You've got to try this one.

                                Bracken Cafe (thick) and Bobby Js (flat, texas burger) are also great.

                                Lord's kitchen hits for some, and not others. It is a loose grind that is focused on crust more than the meat. I like it, but it isn't for everyone. The burgers listed above are nothing like Lord's.