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Dec 20, 2003 01:48 AM

Oceanside Recs?

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Hi all,

I'm visiting family in Oceanside over the holidays and would love to hear your recommendations for good lunch and dinner spots - mostly interested in cheap to moderate, but if there's something that's a "must eat" with a higher price, we're up for that too! We're going to be here for nearly a month, so we need a good amount of leads!! Thanks for any ideas.

I've already made plans to hit Samba and Casa de Marsiscos #1 on previous recommendations :)

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  1. There's a pretty good Thai restaurant just south of Oceanside in Del Mar. I forget the name, but if you get on the 5 south get off in 1 or 2 exits at Ted Williams Parkway. Head East until you pass the Flower Hill Mall (about a block) There will be a Chevron Station on your left and just behind that and up the hill will be the restaurant. My sister went there first for a work party then we had a family dinner there about 3 months ago. Good food--especially if you like Thai curries. The Pad SeeYou was good as well.

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    1. re: Lion Dancer

      Ummm......I don't know the name of the Thai place you've recommended, but if the original poster tries to follow your directions I don't think she'll end up where you're trying to send her. Del Mar is more than 1 or 2 exits south of Oceanside, and Ted Williams Parkway is off the I-15, not the I-5 :-). However, you did give a really great landmark, the Flower Hill Mall. So perhaps the poster would have better luck if she goes South on I-5 to the Via de la Valle exit, goes East under the freeway, which would put her at the Flower Hill Mall, she can follow your directions from there. Or she can stop in at Aniata Cheese Shop and get some great cheese.

      I really don't mean to pick on your directions, I'm just not sure they work.

      Happy Holidays to all.

      1. re: Gayla

        Definitely exit on Via de la Valle.

        1. re: scout

          Big OOOPPSS!!! My very bad for remembering the directions wrong! Yes, it is definitely Via de la Valle. The last time we were there it was after visiting my Aunt who lives in Oceanside and we actually took surface streets. It didn't take more than 15 minutes to get there so I figured it would only be a few exits on the 5.

          The rest of the directions should be right, though.

          There's also a Thai restaurant in Flower Hill Mall, but I haven't tried that one.

          1. re: Lion Dancer

            Another big oops on my part--I just double checked my Aunt's address and she's in Solana Beach, not Oceanside. That's why I remember it being only about one exit away. Sorry, I wasn't really much help.

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      Stanley Stephan

      I know you are asking for lunch and dinner, but I can't recommend Beach Break Cafe for breakfast enough. I'm originally from SF, and this place compares and outclasses many SF restaurants. Get the coffee cake.

      Ruby's, is ... Ruby's ... a chain burger joint. However, the Oceanside Ruby's is really fun at the end of the pier. If you don't want to do the long walk, there is a shuttle on the pier. Give them a call.

      Darn, I don't know the name of the place, but on the harbor where all the seafood restaurants are, is a modest joint that has a great version of fish and chips. It is to the left of Joe's Crab Shack.

      DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT eat at Monteray Fish Company. Pure swill.

      On Thursday, there is the farmer's market, just off mission street, where you can get one hell of a gyro. Not too bad for the vendors as well.

      You know, if you have a month, I'd stop by Azifran, the Cuban place. Not the world's greatest Cuban, but not bad. Not on a top ten list for someone in the area for a few days, though.

      This is a place for Greek and German. About 7 miles from Oceanside is European Deli (link below). Not fancy, but good. Tip Top Market get's recoommended for the deli and never for the restaurant. It is one city over from Oceanside. I have never eaten there as I hamve my own little boycott due to services issues. It's a fun place to look at though for Easter European food. Next door the Carlsbad Ranch Market has an outstanding takeout salad bar. One of the few places in the area where the salad tastes like something.

      Johnny Mananas is wonderful too. One of the few places that makes it's own aqua frescas. It also makes nice salsa.

      Accross the street from Johnny's is a hot dog place. I forget the name, but in the SF area it is called top doc and gets lots of good posts for it's hot dogs. It's the only dog plce near the theatre on Mission.

      Next to Carlsbad is Encinitas. A Mexican place called El Especial Norte on the Pacific Coast Highway has reaaly good Mexican soups.

      Mexican is just great in this area. On the Marisco's place, the lobster tacos are really langostinos. I'm sorry, I grew up in New England and I am a lobster snob. Colorful place, but I'd recommend the seafood cocktail. All the Latino people order it.

      If ou get down to SD, Gaylo has a link on a place call Super Cocina which is high on my list to try. Search down the board.

      For me, this has not been an area of haute cusine. However, the everday fare has been excellent and reasonably priced. Bon Apetit.


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      1. re: Stanley Stephan

        The place is Berkeley is TOP DOG. The hot dog place in Oceanside is a close approximation (but more $$)

        1. re: Bob Foster
          Stanley Stephan

          According to the Union Trib or North Coast News (don't remember which) the Oceanside DogOut is Top Dog. I believe the story was that because of plans to franchise on the West Coast, the name changed. Look at the logos and type prints.


          1. re: Stanley Stephan
            Stanley Stephan

            Different hats.

            Haven't tried DogOut to compare to Top Dog as I wasn't a Top Dog fan.


      2. The place Bob Foster (dtd 12/23) is talking about is Harbor Fish 'n' Chips, right next to Helgren's Sportfishing in Oceanside Harbor. GREAT fish 'n' chips. A little greasy, but the best I have had in California! Have some good eats and it's pretty inexpensive. Enjoy your vacation!

        1. Anything more current? I just moved to Oceanside and am desperately compiling a to-eat list that doesn't include Chili's.

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            This was posted not too long ago

            BTW, Top Dog or DogOut in Oceanside has closed. It is now Enzo's BBQ (oceanside/college)

          2. Are there any places to eat tongan or samoan food? Or only at church and events?

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            1. re: ken ivorous

              Not sure about Samoan but L&L Hawaiian is one of my top reliables.

              1. re: ken ivorous

                Try this place for Samoan:

                Oloa Samoa
                1906 Oceanside Blvd, Oceanside, CA
                (760) 757-6562

                It's part grocery store, part take-out counter.

                1. re: srk

                  cool, thanks. any particulars on what you dig there?

                  1. re: ken ivorous

                    It was my first foray into Samoan food - we had some sausages, fish, baked taro and some spinach in a creamy sauce. I didn't much care for it, but the Samoan folks seemed to be enjoying it.

                    The grocery part of the store has some interesting imported snacks that I haven't seen anywhere else.