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Jun 4, 2012 08:17 AM

Singapore - Cantonese dinner at Taste Paradise ( 味之樓) @ ION Orchard

I was wrong when, a few back, i thought Taste Paradise was just one of those independent little restaurants which may not be able to match up to the big boys (e.g. Crystal Jade, Imperial Treasure & Tung Lok chains). Today, the Taste Group folks have proven that they are here to stay, and have actually built themselves up to be a well-regarded restaurant chain which offers good food, and do it consistently. And nowhere was this more evident than at the Taste Group's flagship store - Taste Paradise at ION Orchard.
Our dinner there last weekend consisted of:
- Roasted whole suckling pig, with fabulously crispy skin, served on steamed little pancakes;
- A pair of batter-fried prawns coated with curry-flavored and wasabi-flavored mayonnaise;
- Braised whole comb sharksfin with chicken. This, I would say, was the piece de resistance of the evening - and Taste Paradise do their fins so very well;
- Braised abalone with mushrooms and broccoli in oyster-flavoreds sauce. Full of flavor, with the abalone perfectly-cooked to a fine yielding almost yielding texture;
- Steamed coral trout in superior soysauce. The steamed fish were perfectly timed here;
- Char-grilled pork-ribs in plum sauce - this was the surprise of the evening. We actually substituted this for the beef-ribs in the set (for 10 pax) menu as many (Singaporean) friends were Buddhists and won't touch beef. The pork-ribs were absolutely divine!
- Braised ee-fu noodles with mushrooms and yellow chives - the obligatory noodle course to formally end the meal (before the dessert). I'm not a big fan of this simpe dish, where noodle enthusiasts marvelled over the texture of the noodles, unencumbered by seafood or meats (call me a glutton, but I rather *prefer* having my noodles obliterated by their meat-toppings);
- The the dessert course lifted me up: double-boiled hasima (snow-frog's glands) with red dates. Ah, manna from heaven!

I'd never been disappointed in any meal I'd had at Taste Paradise, and this evening was certainly no exception ;-)

Address details
Taste Paradise
2 Orchard Turn
#04-07 ION Orchard
Singapore 238801
Tel: +65-6509 9660

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  1. What was the cost for the meal? Was it in line with what is suggested (from the non-dimsum reviews) in the Openrice entry?

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    1. re: huiray

      We paid S$1700++ for a table of 10 pax.

      The Openrice entries did not include "big ticket" items like sharksfin, abalone and the whole roasted suckling pig, which would add to the cost. All in all, very reasonable prices, considering their very central location (Orchard Rd-Scotts Rd intersection is really the epicentre of Singapore's commercial/retail district), very attentive and unobstrusive service by their staff (rivalling those from Crystal Jade Palace @ Ngee Ann City and Imperial Treasure @ Great World City), and that they waived corkage for 3 bottles of wine we brought - which their sommelier decanted - they were also very thoughtful (for a Chinese restaurant) to make sure they changed the red wine glasses when the Merlot followed the Shiraz.

      1. re: klyeoh

        Thanks for the info.
        It sure looked like a splendid meal.

        1. re: klyeoh

          Sounds and looks amazing. Can I be rude and ask for more specifics on the three wines?

          What's the normal corkage at Taste Paradise? I'm pretty sure the GWC branch of Imperial Treasure does not charge any corkage.

          1. re: Julian Teoh

            I only remembered the 2002 Jacob's Creek Merlot, Julian, as the sommelier asked me to taste it (as my host was busy greeting another guest) - don't remember the other red, but it's Australian.
            The white was an Australian Chardonnay, but I didn't pay attention to the label.

            I didn't really find out how much they'd normally charge for the corkage, sorry.

      2. Went there after their opening and was so disappointed I never went back there again. Judging from your review, they seem to have improved.

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        1. re: FourSeasons

          I did hear that they were pretty bad during the opening period, but (luckily) I never got to experience that - I know how first impressions can tend to stick in your mind!

        2. Personally, I think the sharksfin soup at Taste Paradise is the best in Singapore now:- it's thick, it's full of flavour, generous amount of fin, no other fancy ingredients. Just plain good quality soup, I can have it every day if I can aftord it!