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Jun 4, 2012 07:55 AM

Kohlrabi in the Hartford area, preferably east of the river

My CSA will be giving me kohlrabi later in the summer but I have a craving and want some now. Are there any stores that regularly carry it? I didn't see any at Whole Foods or Stop and Shop in Glastonbury.

Next on my list of places to look is Patel Foods in Manchester. Has anyone spotted any recently? I am trying to avoid going all over looking for it...A Dong probably has them but I am trying to avoid a trip to West Hartford.

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  1. Obviously there are not many kohlrabi fans on this board! Allow me to answer my own question...Deercrest Farm in Glastonbury has their own kohlrabi now if anyone else is looking for it or is interested in trying a new vegetable they may not be familiar with.

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        Deercrest is on Hebron Ave/Rt. 94 in Glastonbury, not far from the Hebron town line (East Glastonbury).

      2. re: mels

        Oh, I'm a fan. Just I don't really know the Hartford area.

      3. FWIW, My ShopRite has been carrying beautiful Kohlrabi the last few weeks. Do you have a ShopRite up near you? Perhaps you could ask the produce manager. I roasted mine with some seasoning and parmesan. I thought it was just OK.