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Jun 4, 2012 07:51 AM

cooking with lid

Can some one tell me the reason u would keep a lid on when bringing water to boil for hot dogs and when boiling add hot dogs and still keep the lid on the whole time its cooking? Also, is there much difference from dropping dogs in boiling water as opposed to bringing water and dogs tog. to a boil?

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  1. You keep the lid on when bringing water to a boil (and when continuing to boil) because it traps the heat in the pan and conserves a little bit of energy, and it boils faster.

    This is true whether whether you're boiling hot dogs, eggs, or making water for tea.

    1. Except for the possibility that dropping dogs into the water and then bringing them to a boil as opposed to dropping them into boiling water raises their temperature more quickly and, theoretically, cooks them a bit faster, there's really no benefit to bringing the water to a boil first.
      Starting with only water and bringing it to a boil allows you to set the burner level at just about anywhere you'd like without a lot of risk, whereas dropping the dogs into the water and then bringing it to a boil would require a low heat setting or a very watchful eye (or a very large cooking vessel) to prevent the pan from boiling over,

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        As with specifying a preheated oven, it is easier to give consistent cooking times when you start with boiling water. Different stoves and burners will heat the water at different rates. But if there isn't an obvious reason for starting with the hot temperature, I often skip the preheat or preboil step.

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        1. Hot dogs are about the most forgiving and undemanding food there is when it comes to boiling 'em. You'll get pretty much the same result however you do it. Sunshine842 and tadao both have made valid points but unless you're cooking a LOT of them I think the difference will be negligible.

          1. no joke ....just learning to cook and have a lot of questions.. Thanks every one who has helped so far.

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              No joke ....
              This book is a good place for you to start.
              and the price is right .....