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Jun 4, 2012 07:45 AM

Best Peking Duck in Boston??

I am interested specifically in recommendations for good Peking Duck around Boston and the close-by burbs. Its not something I usually order so I am clueless ...


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  1. I had a great duck at China King in C-town a couple of weeks ago, three courses peking duck, skin and pancakes, stir fry with meat, soup. 1 duck was plenty for 4, plus I hear you can add noodles to the stir fry, 24 hour noticed required.
    Here are previous posts for what you want

    1. Agreed: China King is the best I've had in Boston; I've had it twice in the last few weeks. (This is the return of the former operators of King Fung Garden to Chinatown, now called New King Fung Garden under new owners.)

      Our server suggested doing the second course (duck-meat stir-fry) with their chow mein noodles (forget the American-Chinese usage: these are terrific housemade wheat noodles, like thick spaghetti), as we were considering ordering chow mein as a standalone coure, and he was trying to save us from over-ordering.

      They also make their own fantastic pancakes, the thin wheat flatbread you use for the first course. $38 feeds three (starving) or four (normal) eaters. See my Boston Phoenix review this week.

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        Demolished a coupla ducks last night and, boy, this is leagues better than even what I remember the ol' King Fung to be. They're really going above and beyond what has been the standard where everything other than the skin course is a total afterthought. Here, great care is taken and, as Slim notes, the breadstuffs in particular are spectacular - pancakes, noodles, peking raviolis (with major side-spurt). And Doris the Duck Queen couldn't be a better hostess. Fantastic.

        1. re: Nab

          Here are some pix of the duck. Totally agree that any of the carb loaded items were great. And a hug from Doris at the end of the night doesn't hurt.

          (Pancakes, dumplings, scallion pancakes, the boy, his face, his skin.)

          1. re: yumyum

            This is at China King, I assume ....? Looks awesome!

            1. re: C. Hamster

              Indeed. And it was awesome! Wish id gotten a pix of dear Doris.

        2. re: MC Slim JB

          I had the China King duck for lunch today. Excellent. Much better, in my opinion, than the previous version at KFG, which I loved. They've taken the duck to a whole new level:

          - The pancakes are awesome. I don't remember housemade pancakes at KFG. (perhaps I've forgotten? Or is this really a new thing?)
          - The stir fry course, which I thought was average at KFG (let's face it, you get Peking Duck for the skin), was superb at CK. Really flavorful, perfectly cooked (i.e. not overcooked) vegetables with just enough duck meat to not overwhelm things after the skin course.
          - The soup is quite simple: duck stock, some noodles, some tofu, and cabbage, but the stock tasted fresh and very strong. A nice way to fill in the cracks after the large and very rich meal.

          MC Slim JB is absolutely correct when he says that the single order is enough to feed three starving people or four normal people. In our case, we had four committed and two canceled at the last minute, so the meal fed two insane people. I'm happy to report that we powered through, and I'm not going to be able to eat much for dinner tonight. But I don't recommend making the same mistake. Find a third person to join you -- it's a huge amount of food.

          1. re: C. Hamster

            if you can't order 24 hrs ahead, New Jumbo (w/ pancakes) and Peach Farm (w/ steamed buns) make decent Peking duck, both with stir fry on the side

          2. Is the duck the same at the Brookline King Fung location?

            1. Went tonight to China King and was a little disappointed with the Peking duck. The duck skin wasn't well rendered, so not crispy and a lot of fat still attached (not that I mind fat and grease, but it might as well be just be regular roast duck and not Peking duck). The wraps were good. The stirfry was average (mostly bean sprouts with a touch of carrots - we didn't get it with noodles), the soup was the highlight of the meal and made right - simple with fun-si, tofu, and bai cai. Also added on cao nian gao which was pretty good - very tender rice cakes and good flavor. I still miss Chef Chang's.