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Jun 4, 2012 07:19 AM

suggestions in the bridgewater area?

Looking for somewhere interesting for dinner in the Bridgewater area. We've already been to Origin Thai, Thai Kitchen, and a few others along Main Street in Somerville. Any ideas? Ethnic is okay as long as there are some vegetarian options. Would also be willing to travel around that general vicinity. Thanks!

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  1. Well, I think Fortune Cookies, the authentic Hunan restaurant just west of Somerville, definitely falls into the "interesting" category. If ambience is really important to you, don't bother, but if you want something completely different in the way of food, try this place.

    1. I really like Ovations on Weston Mill Canal Road just off exit 11. Great fish dishes, excellent sushi along with a decent New American menu. Beautiful sleek dining area with good service and terrific cocktails.

      Girasole on #28 in Bound Brook (across the street from Effinger's Sporting Goods) remains a good bet. An excellentNorthern Italian that's also a BYO. Reservations are probably required for dinner.

      Sophie's Bistro on Hamilton St. in Somerset is a very very good French in a so so area - but surely worth a visit.

      Sorry I can't help you out with vegetarian and I've worked in this area for longer than I care to remember. However, should you ever venture down to my neck of the woods at the northern Shore (Red Bank/Long Branch), I would wholeheartedly recommend the Eurasian Eatery on Monmouth St (across from the Count Basie Theater) or Jesse's Cafe in West End (on Brighton Ave.).

      Bon Apetit

      1. Sorry can't remember the name, but it's been posted here.

        There is a new Greek restaurant in Somerville that has rec'd some good reviews..

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          The Greek restaurant is Kyma Greek Cuisine, and very good. On Main street in downtown Somerville across from the courthouse.
          Same block as Veda Grill, an OK but not great Indian restaurant.
          Another option for "interesting for dinner in the Bridgewater area" is Tapastre, which I have not been to in several years but remember being excellant. Corner of North Birdge Street and High Street in Somerville, beneath Il Pomodoro: